Glasgow Gravel Routes

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  • Hi all, just a thought while I remember - my wife was talking to a local guy who hillwalks a fair bit around the Lochwinnoch area & apparently the Hardridge Farm path from Muirshiel Park which goes over the old grouse moor has been resurfaced - i was up there in November on a 29er and it was hard work at places, everything up there floods at the first sign of rain...
    Anyway, it drops you out at the B788 (via Gateside road) – about a mile from an access road that takes you up to the Gryffe Reservoir & onto Loch Thom / Greenock cut, might be a good shout for the summer if anyone's out that way - I haven't been there since it's been redone so can't guarantee what the new surface is like but i'll update to confirm it's passable on anything other than a mtb once I get a chance

  • Did it last Christmas and recall it was an ordeal. It'd need to be a dry old spell before I brave it again on the gravel bike - I'm curious to the extent of the resurfacing though.

  • @Pmccee Yeah, I wouldn't fancy it much on anything less than a 2" tyre - be interesting to see what the resurfacing looks like, every time I go up there anytime other than in the middle of a dry spell I regret it... last time most of it was under a foot of water & the streams were knee deep at the shallowest part. Then I got caught in a random blizzard on the way back with 20mph headwind, fun times.

  • Haha that sounds eerily familiar. Ended up taking my shoes off to walk through those "streams" as they were rather daunting.

  • I took a wee spin up to Muirshiel at the weekend on the mountain bike again - headed along the Hardridge path to see what the resurfacing was like, it's decent but only goes about a mile and a half along the path & stops a bit before the epic stream crossing - no idea if it's a work in progress but hopefully it'll be extended as it would be a handy route, if I bump into one of the rangers i'll ask them if they know.

  • Did you go over the "bridge"?

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  • can someone pls drop a pin on google maps showing where this road is ? fancy a shot of that bridge

  • Nah - didn't get that far, the resurfacing stopped before then & the path was reverting to the standard of mud & rocks underfoot, had already decided my feet would be staying dry as it was freezing

    @cozey it's part of the old Duchal Moor light rail that was put in for grouse shooting in the 1920's - should be here 55.857068879097724, -4.699364115354577

  • is it this road ? can you link through from lochwinnoch to kilmacolm on a gravel bike ?

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  • You can, it's just not that pleasant. Mega puddles, perma drowned and stream crossings.

    Would not rush back in a hurry.

  • hmmmm... one for summer. maybe

  • Yeah that's the one - i've only ever done it on the mtb which was fine if a bit squelchy in places, but think @Pmccee said it was a bit of a slog on a gravel bike. Just Under half of the dotted path up to the T junction has been resurfaced which is pretty good & will settle in nicely & the rest is basically an old landrover track - as with anything up there it's best left until it's dry.

    I'm in Lochwinnoch so if anyone's ever out that way give me a shout­5855

  • Will definitely drop you a line next time I'm back up - parents are in Paisley so only half an hour or so along the bike path.

    Been reminiscing whilst stuck inside with the rain - I'm super keen to do this route again or at least bits of it,

    The bit from Largs to Dalry was amazing, primo gravel.

  • Sounds good, I never realised there was an off - road option out of Largs across Fairlie Moor, I keep meaning to head over there for a wander about. Did the road version of that loop a fair bit last year either right round past Inverkip or over Brisbane Glen then back over Fairlie Moor.

  • I like the ‘gravel’ bike!

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Glasgow Gravel Routes

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