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  • Now I've got a fixed gravel bike I'm thinking of setting up a site for gravel routes that can feasibly be ridden in a day, from Glasgow, without the need to drive (trains acceptable). Think Muirsheil, Whitelee, Cowal, Glentaggart, Mugdock, WHW, John Muir way, Kilpatrick Hills etc. Ideally I'm looking for a range of routes and some details so people can decide if it's suitable. Things like if a rider could get away with slick tyres or not, likelihood of mud, really steep climbs or difficult descents, distance etc. Not just for fixed gears. Essentially, they need to be routes that have been ridden so people know they can get through and won't be surprised by a 5 mile hike-a-bike across a Munro.

    I'll probably start it as a RideWithGPS user and public routes and then decide if it's worth developing into something with a bit more of its own site, social media etc.

    I have a couple of routes to get it started but does anyone have anything they'd be willing to share? I'm not on Strava so other methods preferable, but I'll redraw Strava routes if needed. Doesn't need to be a loop, as long as the start is accessible by train.

  • I've got a few I can share - komoot OK? I'll make them public and link them here

    if I link strava routes, presumably you could pull down the .gpx files and reupload to RwGPS?

  • these are all GROAD routes - hard to avoid roads when you're riding out to access the gravel.

    these are ones I've ridden and can attest to:

    these ones I've only plotted and not tested, so am not sure to what extent some of the gnarlier plotted bits /go through/ - though you may have ridden some of the secteurs:

  • only done a few rides when up at my parents but keen to see what you manage to pull together for future trips.­3872

    I remember that ride being fun but that was a great winters day and first time doing a gravel ride back home. All done single speed so very much rideable. Parked up at Mugdock park but could ride from Glasgow easy.­9768

    This one was similar but also class. Apart from one bit through a swamp which I pictured on the ride, avoid that section at all costs and find another gravel route up to garadhban forest. There is a good gravel road used on the badger that links across.

  • That's awesome, thanks! I'll be giving appropriate credit so anyone who wants named is free to message me, otherwise I'll just be pointing out they're not all much routes and are just being collected together. If you're willing to provide a short write up, literslly just "Suitable for 25mm and above tyres, likely requires 30+mm gravel tyres, has been ridden fixed/SS" that'd be really helpful too. Obviously everyone's ability is different, so just aiming to provide a guide at the moment.

    Pmccee, there's a small group of us on the Southside with "Gravel-capable" fixed gear/single-speed bike who are aiming to get out and do more gravel/off-road stuff. Feel free to let us know when you're around if you want to get out in a group. Same for you Cozey if you're looking to get out with others.

  • did you get anywhere with creating some routes? I'll be up over Christmas and will probably bring single speed to do some gravelly stuff.

  • I rode one of skydog's gravel routes a few weeks ago - was class. can fully recommend

  • Hey,

    Yeah, I've got a couple but on my own RWGPS account, not the one I'm setting up. Will Post them up here later. If you're around from the 28th then let me know if you want someone to ride with.

  • That'd be much appreciated!

    Would love to meet up but not sure if rules will permit and trying to stick to them as best I can.

  • 6 people from max 2 households can meet for social ride. Your ride needs to start and stop in the same place but you can pass LA boundaries during the ride. That's for both tier 3 and 4 so could meet but no-one else.

  • This is the one Cozey did, I did it on a fixed gear (47/17) with 32mm slick GKs and mudguards:

    This was planned for this weekend but didn't happen due to a baby who decided sleep is for the weak. A pal rode it though and it was good, bit more of the lanes in it:

    This is one @M_V came up with which includes some gravel/off-road on the way out to the windfarm. For this I'd recommend tyres with some grip, there's some muddy/grassy sections that might be a little too much for slicks. Again, all ridden on 47/17 but 37mm WTB Riddlers. Could be modified to take in the Kingswell Road around Drumboy Hill as a little detour off the 77 on the last drag home:

    Currently working on a Kilpatricks ride, a Southside parks/Cathkin ride and another couple of mixed lanes/gravel on the Southside but I need to get out and ride some of the sections I'm looking at.

  • sections of the old drovers' road in @M_V's loop are proper muddy in places - I didn't know this and did it on 32mm slicks one time, after a bout of rain. I did not have fun

    the top two routes are perfect for stops at the heron - I wish you could add café stop markers to e.g. komoot

  • Did you stay upright? Because that would be impressive.

  • I did - just. I had the foot down in several sections though.

    there's one particular bit that's very narrow (just after you pop out of the drovers bit you join at the humbie)... you go onto a main road, past a school and then just as it looks like you're going down a country lane, you duck left into a little cut through that heads towards greenbank gardens. that bit was super sketchy

  • Yeah, I think I know the bit. Lochcraig Road which connects Murshield to Bonnyton is also pretty grassy/muddy, but a great section. I still need to see if you can connect straight to the Moor Road there or head back to the Kingswell (road to nowhere). Satellite seems to say you can get to Kingswell, maybe not the Moor road over Ballageich Hill. Spring needs to hurry up! Or at least a weekend with decent weather.

  • Yeah drove road north(?) of Mearns castle is a summer only thing. From MC onwards it’s definitely a bit better. Should be no hassle doing the bit through the golf course now as it’s closed down.

  • the only bit I struggle with through the golf course is making the transition off the golf course onto the road (if heading home/north).

    I've had to jump the hedge both times I've tried it but I assume there's an easier way? (tell me there's an easier way)

  • Sadly not. Not that I’ve found yet anyway.

  • I rode the section around the back of Mearns Castle golf academy (Flenders to Kirkhill) on my road bike with Sam in the summer. Was ok, turned down Kirkhill though, didn't try the section to Waterfoot.

  • Did a wee ride today and definitely could do the first bit fixed. Flat all the way on the bike path, up by gryffe reservoirs then around greenock cut. Was amazing,a few gates but only 2 walkers and 1 cow so I call that a win.­f=aso&share_token=aJrP5mT0o2HfLsMpuTV37b­3zW7GUbSU5BceKFKdrifbJS0t36j

  • looks class. no icy?

  • Hunners. Thankfully front tyre isn't retaining anything over 20psi so got loads of grip.

    Only almost binned it once.

  • ...

  • @Pmccee I foolishly ended up in the lanes later on in my ride today - thinking the ice would have burned off by then... no chance. stacked it on a bit of black ice, after trying to avoid a sheet of ice across the whole road. was going nice and slow thankfully so no major damage done. now to test rapha's repairs service...

  • Ooft that's rough especially if you were aware of it. Yeah I might sack off the rapha 500, forcing myself to go out early when it's icy is lunacy, feel like I pushed my luck today and the weather looks abit shite. That is unless Santa brings me a MTB....he won't.

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Glasgow Gravel Routes

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