Såsen builds bikes slow and dies whenever

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  • Tried to get my local bagmaker to realise my ideas for a lock holster that I can attach to my commute bag, but didn't get any reply so decided to finally try some sewing and my old Bernina machine.

    Doesn't look pretty and could definitely be improved (the lock is to top heavy so should sit lower) but does what it should.

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  • I found this Space horse in myish size locally and couldn't resist. Getting it to where I store my bikes was more thrilling than I would like. WTB exposures are not suitable for the Stockholm snow-ragnarök. I had one fall, and like any normal person, checked if I had scratched my levers before getting up.

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  • I had put off building up the Swift, but after todays adventure realised that I wanted something with traction and spikes and I had with that in mind hoarded a pair of Ice spikers in 27,5" and wheels.

    The Swift is designed for 29 (2,4" but I reckon that the fork can probably swallow at least 2,6"), but I like to be close to the ground when there's ice. As there is a an EBB you can choose to have the BB drop a bit higher which gives better crank clearance. As an added plus of 27,5" the ice spikers will with some luck clear the cheap plastic mudguards that I originally bought for the Peregrine.

    This is how it stands today. I didn't have any spacers so I bodged a cassette instead so that I could get to my LBS. Also running an SRAM crank in a Shimano 24mm BB is a bit wobbly... I have some Hope gpx converters that I'll install when I fix spacers and guards.

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  • God damn you I've been looking for one of these in a 55 for a long time..

  • It's one of the frames that I've held on to the longest, very versatile and fun. I hade it with drops and TRP Hylex and it was great. Mounts for mudguards and racks makes it complete for me.

    Singular are getting ready to get mrk 4 in production with a slightly more modern geo - no Phil ebb's on the new Singulars unfortunately (even if the one I have on my Peregrine works fine).

  • I most certainly meant the all city space horse rim brake version!!

    Singular is cool tho! Glad to hear you like it so much :)

  • Sorry, yeah it has everything i missed in my Thorn brevet with added benefit of cantis and I have a two spare carbon canti forks that I want try out on this and the Geekhouse. Felt light and nice handling on the short ride to storage.

  • This probably belongs in the bodge thread but I couldn't be arsed with paying this years price for Bar mitts. Time will tell if it survives the winter.

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  • Hard to see what I'm looking at, I guess there is a dropbar in there and the bike it pointing towards you?

  • Yep it's sleeping matt from Decathlon that's been sewn together and then windproofed/reinforced with spinnaker tape.

    It's very ugly

  • Ok, time for a review.

    Someone said that the Peregrine seems like frame that can become a like a good friend.

    Edit: also I apologise for the picture that has very little bike and castle in it and more than enough shadow of a slow and poor photographer

    I can only agree, I've used it for my commute and all errands, basically everything that's not MTB or child hauling.

    I've used it with three different wheel set-ups and they really bring out different and good experiences (except maybe the studded front tire that's a necessary evil).

    Today I took the first longer ride and it was nice considering my poor fitness and the crisp -6 C (intervals or hill climbing obviously needs to be a bigger part of my regiment if I want to go further and faster)and I forsee another rear wheel focused around a lighter pair of terawail 38s to pair with a dynamo wheel.

    I'll update when I have gathered the courage to tackle dynamo wiring and routing

    The picture is from Sturehov Castle, if you're ever in the neighborhood, I recommend a visit to their café.

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  • And a bar mitt review?

  • The bar mitts are so ugly, according to my partner, that she doesn't want to be associated with me and they are quite the conversation pieces for the parents at preschool.

    On the other hand they were cheap to make and really keep my hands warm(maybe another 10/15 degrees of protection)! If I were Jan Heine I'd say something counter intuitive about aero benefits ...

  • New bike day, began it's life as CX bike in Gothenburg. Nice mix of Spirit and Life. Needs a longer stem and wider bars (I have a pair of b135).

    Fast and nimble and a good fit for mixed surface surface rides without bags.

    This most likely means that the All-city is out

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  • Happy for 50mm tires and gaiters today. The Peregrine is a versatile bike. Archer shifter also works in snow.

    Gaiters are a must, as snow bounces out of the guards shin high.

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Såsen builds bikes slow and dies whenever

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