Såsen builds bikes slow and dies whenever

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  • 🌞 It's obviously still there

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  • There's no cross country skiing-gravel in Lida

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  • Took a dive trough the parts bin and built this up. Had forgotten how much riding fixed was, also as risk averse/coward the discs really adds to the enjoyment. Come ice I'll put a studded tire up front and lose the reflectors up front.

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  • The Roubaix bike is up and rolling. It's not fully dialed in but I'm really happy with it. Satisfying feeling riding something of your own making (albeit with a tremendous amount of help)!

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  • Due to a broken SRAM shifter, I had to make a last minute change of plans and bikes. Fairly happy with the set up even if there are some things that I want to change, on the top of the list is to bring some paracord for raising the bivy top (the humidity was bad) and adding a traditional sleeping mat, as my cheap inflatable one kept on leaking air through the night...

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  • Finally got around to get the Geekhouse that I bought of @Thrasher rolling. Added a cheap/light/easily removable rack from Decathlon, some second hand Sram Red etap shifters and rear derailleur (I can't get it to Shift in to the lowest gear and the largest is a bit to big, so I have a 2x Force crank set and a front derailleur that I could add) and new bar tape.

    Please excuse the poor wrapping/bdhu I need to have it ready for transportation to an work conference first thing Monday morning

  • Will add a picture of it with full luggage

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  • And a better background obviously...

  • BAW pic please. only bike I ever regret selling :(

  • Even managed to find some bricks!

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  • If you're ever in Stockholm it's yours to lend, I think Samuli has some nice routes north of here around Norrtälje that would be great to access with train/bike

  • Wow. Any more info on this frameset? (okay okay, I know, UTFS for a build thread, I know, I knoooow)

  • Nice bike but that rear rack looks really terrible

  • Yeah, that it's designed for a specific bike and isn't horizontal doesn't help, but it can be removed in under 10 minutes and cost less than 15 GBP

  • I think it's basically a Geekhouse mudville with s&s couplers and that I'm the third forum owner

    Edit: original sales thread

  • Chain looks a bit short in the bottom gears, or is the derailleur not designed to handle the gear range?
    Hopefully the racks are a temporary addition…

  • Yeah it's a very temporary solution - it's basically a very well functioning electronic 1x9 drivetrain at this point.

    And the rear rack is absolutely a temporary solution. I'll get my bags from TimTas Rek on and see if maybe a full frame bag is the next step

    Also 2x and an old selcof titanium seat is on the backlog

  • The Geekhouse is great but with this much load (laptop and work clothes/shoes for two days) it gets very wobbly.

    Also I that after a night with too much humidity, I'll have a look at replacing my bivy with a Lanshan UL pro tent and a carbon tent pole. Also a full framebag would be a good addition and a second hand inflatable mattress.

    But the trip to the conference was a success as it included night cycling in the archipelago, lots of encounters with roe buck, sleeping outside, rain, sun, supermarket shopping with my bike and breakfast at McDonald's all in under 10 hours.

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  • Front panniers might help spread the load? That mat looks huge too 😅 I like the ambition of it.

  • I've had it easily 25 years and not one single puncture (😁) and an R-value that has held ok in -15 degrees, but it's not very gramable.

  • Nice! I think bike was only designed to take a lightish load so you’ve done well 😄

  • Yeah, I first thought that the cheap Decathlon rack was to fault, but I realised when testing back home, that I could get it to "wiggle" front and back without any luggage. Didn't ever feel like it was to soft though, must this planing thing ?

    Anyhow I have hoarded every carbon cantilever fork I could get my hands on, so in the near future I plan on running it with a Ritchey dito.

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Såsen builds bikes slow and dies whenever

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