Såsen builds bikes slow and dies whenever

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  • Thought that I would try to stop procrastinating and start building all the bikes that occupy my head and daydreams. As I like it when others do all their CPs in one place I'll do the same.

    First up is a Thorn Brevet that I'm building up as a commuter-/winterbike. It has some nice features like third bottle bosses, pump peg and Ritchey dropouts.
    Unfortunately it's riddled with rust so first step is removing as much as possible (that's before my patience runs out).
    Weapon of choice is an old Mora knife I found laying around the workshop at my boat club

  • Before

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  • Weapon of choice

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  • After
    The plan in the next installment is go over this with sand paper.
    Question; does anyone know if you can add another layer of montana paint over the primer after 15 min? Patience is unfortunately someone else's virtue...

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  • Give it half an hour. Should be fine.

  • That sounds like the answer I was looking for. I have night watch duty tomorrow night so everything will have to happen between 23-6. Can't get worse than it is now I guess!

  • This nights output (except some GOT for PS4)

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  • And done! The next time I'm getting it blasted and also some kind of mask. Fadedz could be sicker but I'm happy with it as a first try. The montana stuff is really easy to work with.

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  • Good work, is it nightwatch at the boatclub maybe?

  • Yes box!

  • OK, plans for this is as follows

    Chorus/centaur 10 speed mixed groupset
    Ugly 1"->1 1/8 converter from Decathlon
    Nitto b135 bars
    Thomson 90mm stem silver
    GB or Honjo mudgurads
    Sadle will be a Brooks with the post that came with. If I find a suiting Chorus Aero-post I'll replace the one that came with
    Pelago porteur rack size large

    I got a cheap Khasim wheelset of Ebay as a placeholder but the plan is to:

    1. Get wheel building stand
    2. Build a pair of silver 30mmish deep wheels with ca 28 spokes and dynamo in the front. Preferably TL-rims so that I can use the GP 5000 TLs that fucked up my thumb (placeholder wheels will have Marathons as to avoid any if possible likes on Insta).
      If anyone has a good recipe for an above wheelset, please chip in or else it's probably going to be a23-rims with whatever hubs I can find at a good price.
  • i approve of this thread title.

    love, stridsland

  • Kinlin XR31t rims are tubeless and seem to be well regarded. Available in silver and 28h.
    Shutter Precision PV-8 dyno has always done me well. SON for more expense.

  • Looks great, love this colour scheme!

  • Thanks all!
    I was under the impression that the XR31t where disc only, but I'm glad that I was wrong!

    The PV-8 will probably be my goto also and something Sapim CX_ray or suchlike.

  • What happened to this? Paint job is great

  • This (sorry for crap garage picture)!

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  • I had my lbs do the cabling and the front derailleur doesn't really shift as good as I'd like. I plan on redoing them when the snow Apocalypse leaves Stockholm alone.

    Rear Shimergo (Shimano casette to Campag 10 speed)works well.

    Re the wheels I'm going to harass Glws to sell me his silver rims and then build something up.

    Also I need* one of those tapered spacers from Blue lug to make the transition less horrible.

    Happy with the bar tape though and how it rides. People with Surlys and butterfly-bars are right, Marathons are great!

    *1st world-need

  • Ohh, and I have an Omnium CX rack that I think would work well!

  • Took the bike for an lunch spin to the nearby nature preserve.
    Really made my day!
    The next time there's a combination of sun and lack of meetings, I'll definitely do the same,but bring the computer and sit until I run out of battery or get cold.

    There's still work to be done on the bike but with this weather and a semi-working everyday cargo bike needing attention, it I'll have to wait.

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  • Managed to evolve my lunch setup with the help of @user71349 hipbag and a stem bag. I've realized that this small 2x20 min outing makes a whole lot of difference, especially since my bike lyfe has been mainly commuting with kids for a while.

    Didn't even need the down gillet. Good times!

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  • What down gilet is it? Been looking for one.

  • It's from Uniqlo, not super warm but packs down quite small and is often on sale. Also works well with a windbreaker.

  • Took a day and took the train to a local nature preserve. Apart from the fact that there was maybe 3 minutes of sunshine and that I ran out of gas it was wonderful! The bike work as intended, it would probably be good with a couple of extra mm of clearance for the guards, but I've come to like how you can tell from the sound what weather/gravel your riding.

  • The rest hut, last time I visited, it didn't have microwaves, much practical for those of us who can't think well enough to pack a non-empty cannister

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Såsen builds bikes slow and dies whenever

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