Wanted -chris king 1 1/8th crown race

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  • Wanted
    Chris king 1 1/8th crown race

  • It's not special, just use another?

  • citation needed

  • Not really. It's a ring of metal with a 36 degree chamfer. Many brands use the same. FSA, Mpart

  • Many brands use the same. FSA, Mpart

    citation needed, genuinely keen to know, if I use one of these races will they work fine. with. CK? I have had cheapo headsets, cane creek and CK, all crown races were categorically difference

  • I've tried 2 races, one from an FSA (XL II) and one from an unbranded headset and neither fitted my CK correctly. I think one was acceptable in terms of the angle but the "length" of the ramp meant there was a big gap exposing the bearing to crud.

    I'm also on the lookout for a CK crown race

  • yeah loads of CK headsets appear here and on ebay without or damaged race; its just false economy; they are not cheap to buy either

    @PhilDAS explain yourself

  • i bought two 36° chamfer crown races, neither fitted, one because there was a lip before the chamfer started. Ended up buying a CK one

  • Already tried my draw of races and found nothing correct. If I had one laying around that fitted I would use it. But for the sake of a few quid I’m looking for a ck one

  • Don't @ me

  • people need answers ! Dont Trump us.

  • Ooh I have a king without a race. What race did you use @PhilDAS

  • Don’t know but I’ve got one too so let me know when you find out

  • I had a look at the Cane Creeks crown races and this "looks" like the closest match to the CK I'm going to buy one and have a play.


    I suspect that the base plate isn't big enough to fit the bottom cup and protect CK bearing but maybe with some bodging...

    My guess is it will not work as I'm sure CK use a proprietary base plateto ensure repeat sales.


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Wanted -chris king 1 1/8th crown race

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