• As per the title, old lady needing some tender love, could be made into a nice single speed.

    Reynolds 531 main tubes
    Beautiful Nervex by Agrati lugs
    4sp SA hub, perhaps later addition/change
    730/27" wheels - rear wheel needs looking at/trueing - can take 700

    £45>£35>£30 collection only (Slough), or delivery to a reasonable point only for a beer money. Strip the bits off and you are quids in...

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  • £45>£35

  • Hnnggg.
    Gonna get my arse kicked.
    I’ll take it.
    Possible to meet sort of Wargrave / Littlewick Green?

  • 2nds if above falls through

  • And..... I’m going to have to bail. To much shade from already having three other not finished projects.
    All yours :)

  • Hi, sorry for delay - no worries @crossedthread I know the feeling ;)

    @kidiot, send me PM and we can arrange the handover

  • £45>£35>£30

  • Hell, I’ll take it. Happy to meet as per last arrangements?

  • Sure let's arrange pick up - send me PM

  • Good to meet you Brane, really happy with this.

  • That's a really well put together frame underneath all that gash paint and touch ups.

    Like most French models of the 60's, would be very interesting to see what it looks like naked !

    Given the half chromed forks, I'm thinking 1978 - 80.

  • Er, ok

  • Your work @Foreigner65?

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  • Er no, this one went out exactly the same as it came in. I think crossedthread will sort this and if needed, I have a spare non-drive bb cup and retaining nut...£30 though, I think it's allowed some imperfections :)

  • Could be, but I think is little earlier considering it has a proper badge on, not a sticker.
    BB stamped V 0372 means anything?

  • It’s the little imperfections that make it unique :)
    Nothing here that’s beyond my skills, but I’ll drop the back wheel into Ricki Pankhurst to see if he can try trueing it before I wreck it. It’s a lovely Dunlop Lightweight so worth saving.
    Gave it a bit of a clean up but rain stopped play before swapping out the bars as the wife has dibs’d this. Am really pleased with it, think in a few years it’ll be well worth getting resprayed and popping on a porteur rack.

  • Saw that and could be that’s 1972? The SA hub is stamped for 1965 so could have been added later, will have a dig around for frame dates.

  • Good man, glad those spare bars are going to be used and above all that they fit. Yes, the rear looked nice and I'm with you, needs someone experienced with trueing it.

    Good luck with it, show us some pics when road ready :)

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SOLD - 1960's Falcon by Ernie Clements 52 cTc seat tube £30 ONLY

Posted by Avatar for Foreigner65 @Foreigner65