Steel frame dent repair

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  • I have seen an electrical induction system for removing dents from car bodywork. Does anyone know whether this system would work for removing dents from a steel frame? Other methods I tried (frame blocks, hammering from inside tube, etc) have required filling, but the induction system seems to remove dents completely without even damaging paint.

  • A tube is a bit different to a sheet isn't it, and I think a tube will typically take a much greater force to dent in the first place which may then mean it is more difficult to remove?

    I think the success might depend on whether it is a "soft" dent (larger radius) or a hard dent (smaller radius)? Again, because more force is required to dent a tube than a sheet I think hard dents are more common.

    It would be very interesting to see if it worked though, if someone with the kit was willign to give it a try.

  • Are we talking about spot welding a tab on and using a slide hammer to pull the dent out?

  • No, the system uses electrical induction. The frame isn't hit or manipulated in any way.
    Here is a video of it in operation -­f_o

    As I said, I have tried other methods in the past and they always require filling.
    I haven't found anyone near me with the equipment. When I do I'll take a frame round to see how effective it is.

  • @user83106 did you get anywhere with this ?
    I'm guessing the process shrinks the metal, so works on a flat surface, but would put a flat in a round tube ..

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Steel frame dent repair

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