Readers': 650c edition

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  • Here is a thread dedicated to readers' bikes: 650c.

    I'll start one of mine - Cannondale r700

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  • wow that's a beaut!

  • Really good, this is excellent.

  • Fabulous, would love to have a go on that. What puzzles me is why is it called the r700, when the wheels are 650c..?

  • Ha. Just the series hierarchy. I have a 650C R600!

  • I recently bought this for the front fork (swapping with r700).

    The fork is about £45 from USA plus import fees and shipping. Basically a free frame and wheels!

    It was going to be a parts bin build, but I got excited and bought most of the parts new. Nothing spectacular, mind you.

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  • And there is this one­00/

    Still the same, 12 months on....

    My eldest will be big enough to ride it soon so I'd better pull my finger out and finish it

  • This is great. The DA 7800 suits the build very well and looks surprisingly good with the SPDs. I have a complete groupset that I've been thinking of selling to recoup some funds but now I'm having second thoughts.

  • Another R700, 650c love

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  • Now it's finished, adding mine to the party. Such a pain sourcing those wheels this thread would serve well as a 650c helpline.

  • Planet X sent me some 650c inner tubes by mistake and I CBA to return them. Does anyone want them for the price of postage? Vittoria ultralights.

  • These are my two 650c bikes. The second is still work in progress.

  • The kestrel was heading in the right direction here, but I'm assuming you don't have 2 sets of spinergys....

  • I don't, but I have these :)

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  • Ha, those will do it. Not that the spengle's are bad either.

    An impressive wheel collection.

  • I've got another frame built up.

    Previously a tri bike, now has a basket and does soup deliveries to people who can't get out due to Covid.

    The Amazon Prime bag was found in a ditch in the Olympic park .

    I have some Spinergy wheels, but I'm not sure I'll put them on this one

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  • I love this, really great mix of parts and colours.

    Has anyone found some decent guards for 650c wheels? I've got some raceblades but they're a bit crap, 26" guards all look to be too wide for my 28c tyres.

  • How are those tires? I'm regretting not having bought them - the 28 mm Paselas I ordered from Starbike in September ('ready for sending in two to four business days') still haven't come into stock. Do they measure up to a true 25 mm installed and inflated?

  • I got my girlfriends 28c Pasela's from Tokyobike, might be worth checking with them. They come up about 26mm on Kinlin rims.

  • my 25s are slightly under - 24.83mm on the back, 24.64mm on the front.

    They've been good so far. I got them from Bike24 I think - pretty cheap and didn't take too long for delivery. Worth checking out too

  • @jono84 @doubleodavey Thanks for the tips. I'm in Canada so it's extremely hard to get a decent deal on components - first of all there's the North American supplier monopoly, and then shipping kills anything from the US that's remotely a good price. I get most of my parts from Europe because although the shipping is still high, it's offset by the prices being lower across the board. I think with these tires though there's just an issue with supply from Panaracer. As far as I know, they're the only company making 28 mm 650C tires (they also make the Terry Tellus PTs, which are reasonable only for Americans due to shipping), so I think I just have to wait it out. Hopefully I get them before spring.

  • That's strange. They don't show up on Conti's website.

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Readers': 650c edition

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