• Friend of mine tried to get me back into off roading a while ago, I said yes, brought loads of stuff, and decided it’s having a laugh at my age and I’m not in my 20s anymore, more mid 40s and enjoy owning a cat + watching TV and have started using a foot stool.

    Few things remaining in the big clearout, these are up next....

    17” Rock Lobster + Manitou Mars Carbon shocks
    Plus a few bits... 38t chainset - nice short Titec riser stem. Cane Creek 40 headset / as new.
    Not much to say about this only if you know Rock Lobster you’ll know about these. They are pretty good for off roading.


    XT - Mavic X221
    As far as I know these are for 9 speed cassettes?
    They are in good condition for age with good bearings and they are pretty true. Good rim brake surfaces, and ability for 6 bolt disc.


    Deore - F519 Mavic rim only.
    So, nice and true and ready to use they have matching skewers not pictured. + S-works Storm tires. Again these are 9 speed.
    Only downer is the brake surface is partly worn on both 🤔


    Pick up only from my home in Kilburn NW6 by social distance only. Rather not touch cash right now so we’ll have to do electronic transfer to seal any deal.

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  • Wheels...

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  • Dibs the Deore / Mavic wheels please! Sending a PM now

  • Messaged re-lobster

  • PM’d

  • DrDave they be good as yours

    Elra I’ll see you soon
    deepsubz has second on the Lobster

    XT wheels ~ still available

  • is there a model number on the XT hubs?

  • fh-m755 + hb-m755

  • Interested in the XT - Mavic X221, will get back to you later in the week!

  • Nth dibs on the rock lobster

  • 2nd dibs on the XT - Mavics


ALL SOLD - MTB parts for sale - clearout - Rock lobster - 26” wheels

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