T-shirts, crazy stems, lots of forks, wheels + FREEBIES

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  • After several years of hoarding, and with another child on the way, I'm renouncing Satan cycling, and all its works, and all its pomps 😭

    It's a sad day for me to give up on some projects that I thought had potential, but they weren't happening, and maybe it will mean a happy day for some of you! All the money is going to charity from this sale (half to Refugee Bike project and half to the Sudan flood recovery) - I don't even remember where I got some of this stuff from, but if it was and if I have mispriced anything, I'm not profiting myself in any case!

    To keep these posts from getting too long, I'll be putting threads in:

    1. Full bikes/F+Fs - my dashed dreams (mainly bikes which I collected all the components for but never got around to building up), including THE BIKE OF LEGENDS.
    2. Frame-builder's section SEE BELOW (equipment, gas, tubing, lugs, flux etc from the days I thought I might have time to build frames!)
    3. Here in components (album here) , including:
      --Lots of new cycling t-shirts (courtesy of Tokyo Fixed a few years back) GONE
      --Rad stems (including some vapourware!)
      --Forks galore
      --Bling wheels GONE
      --FREE TRACK GRIPS!!! THERE ARE 100s - please take!!

    Bundle of 5 new cycling related Tshirts from Morvélo, Cadence Collection, Poler, Klear Above (KAV?), et al. - these would have each retailed for >£20-30 from TF probably, but I need to get rid of them!
    £18 posted for 5 shirts in your size (Sm, M, L or XL)

    or £4 each (£7 posted) - things like this:

    There are too many of these for me to spend loads of time giving individual choices (beyond size obvs), but if you want to come round, you can have your pick of the lot.

    Also available - warm peaked cycling caps (with ear flaps) Capo - stretchy one size fits all with fleeced liner - £8 posted

    Maloja womens lightweight windbreaker - RRP says £112!?! yours for £30 posted SOLD

    Capo small windbreaker gilet £10 posted

    Cinelli Alter for 1" threadless steerer looks like 120-130 mm? £35 posted SOLD

    Look Ergostem £100
    Cinelli Cinetica stem for 1" threaded stem £50 posted with all spacers (adjusts 90-100mm) and bar clamp wedge. These are routinely listed for well over £100 on eBay, but I think this is more reasonable.

    part of Cinelli Cinetica stem for 1" threaded stem - only a 3D printer away from a new bit of vapourware:

    (+ £8 for all if you want posted)
    Chromed £15ea

    20" canti - Brand new, never used, dusty from storage. Long steerer. SOLD

    24" canti - Brand new, never used, dusty from storage. Long steerer.
    26" for caliper brakes - light surface rust, old brake included. NOW £8

    26er MTB
    PX Red 1 1/8 straight steerer 220mm undrilled 420g £25

    Faux carbon 1 1/8" steerer 195mm long 595g
    carbon blades 1" long steerer 527g SOLD (pending collection)
    carbon blades 1" shorter steerer 212mm 526g SOLD (pending collection)
    Pazzazz bladed 1 1/8” steerer 195mm 479g SOLD
    1" threaded short steerer 140mm 616g RED
    1" threaded steerer 165mm 630g aero blades

  • any bolt that sucker on merch?

  • of course too much to fit in one, post (and I flubbed the image embedding first time), so let's continue:

    Bling wheels - all gone!
    (countdown style 5...4...3...)
    ...not really sure what these are worth, but given it's going to charity, let's just say SOLD
    5-spoke white aerospoke front tubular 700c rattlecanned white (needs refinishing) 1263g

    4-spoke Corima tubular (with 23mm tub included) rear - with freehub body (for 10-sp)or "converted to front wheel"
    4-spoke Spinergy death trap with 23mm Schwalbe Lugano (Black & Red) Surly Fixxer
    £65 SOLD

    3-spoke HED tubular (23mm tub included) rear with 10-sp cassette.
    2-spoke Just kidding
    1/0-spoke (aka Disc) rear track "Baldi" track tub with bright colours - no idea what this is really, but the plastic wheelcovers are pretty rad, and this was meant to go on the dream bike because everyone needs a disc for lolz.

    Normal wheels
    Dura Ace C24 Front wheel with gommitalia? tyres - very light, plenty of life on rims, but far from new - £35 GONE PENDING COLLECTION
    (following all £12 each if you can pick up - £22 posted):
    Shimano 105 front HB-1055 hub and Rigida CHP 600 rim
    Vintage track wheelset tubular with Normandy hubs and skinny box section rims 22mm Conti Gatorskin tubs already glued (one seems to be flat).
    RS10 Front wheel
    Another decent, bombproof front wheel PENDING COLLECTION
    (Bostik flashband behind it also for sale 😜£10?)
    Cheap beater wheel with 32mm touring tyres (£5, free with another purchase)

    pair NEW IN BOX 20-622 Corsa Evo KS £35 £25
    pair of NEW 25-622 Continental Ultra Sport £18
    pair of NEW 25.5-622 Mile Munchers folding £35 SOLD PENDING COLLECTION

    White track grips free/beer for collection £3 posted, black ones £4 posted (only a of these available) ** THERE ARE 100s of these - please take them!!**

    9mm track nuts free for pickup, £2 posted

    (oh and I forgot last time in the bling stems category, a very nice Cinelli Grammo Ti stem (110mm) in great condition for £75 posted
    the Forma SL Ergopower compact drops can go with them for an extra £15)
    One miscellaneous item that is uncharacteristically nice is this BNIB Cane Creek 110 headset red IS41 integrated (info/measurements listed on the box)

  • More updates and pics

  • Bolt that sucker on T-shirt’s available for £12 £8 posted

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  • Rigid 26er steel forks £10

    Are these 1”?
    Also do they have m5 mudguard / rack mounts?

  • interested in framebuilding stuff, what have you got? :)

  • Dibs T-shirt bundle (S) - pm sent

  • Also, Pm'd re: t-shirts.

  • argon welder, Oxygen tank, gloves and mask, lots of tubes and lugs (and practice bikes cut up into tubes!), pillar drill with holesaws of appropriate side, bench grinder, mixers and flashback arrestors, brass tips - had planned to post today, but run out of time/energy/daylight, so will post tomorrow in one of the Framebuilders threads...

  • Awesome, sounds good I'd be interested in piller drill/hole saws/tubing/lugs pending price etc

  • Also interested possibly in drill, hole saws.
    Perhaps tips and the grinder

  • pm re: Mile Munchers

  • Prices on bling wheels pls. And where is collection from?

  • sorry forgot to add prices on those!!
    collection is from NW10 (Harlesden/Willesden area)

  • 5 Large Tees Purleaze : ) posted styley.
    Maloja Windbreaker too if you think it'll fit a 10 year old tandem stoker niece.

  • no those are 1 1/8" threadless, and they have mudguard eyelets, but nothing for racks as far as I can see.

  • How much is the grammo... tentative dibs. - undibs, just let me know re clothing JD. : )

  • yes it's quite petite
    have PMd with deets (unless you wanted to pick up from NW10)

  • interested the 4-spoke Corima and possibly hed.3, price? and can u ship it to sweden?

  • posted please JD... no message yet tho. will check out tomorrow JD.

  • Messaged you about the welder.

  • PM’d

  • PM’d :)

  • Dibs Maloja womens lightweight windbreaker if not suitable for 10 year old!

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T-shirts, crazy stems, lots of forks, wheels + FREEBIES

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