Post Covid lockdown track cycling

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  • As we all know velodromes have been shut down for a number of months . In the last week Some have reopened , last week I rode at Derby and it was great to be back on the boards . Anyone else been back yet ? and what was the experience like ?

  • Change to Rule of 6 for indoor sports announced today may change things. Depends on if interpretation of "Team" includes group of cyclists in an SQT line etc.

  • Yep be interesting how it will be interpreted, hopefully sessions will continue 🤔

  • This doesn't look great for bunch stuff. 6 at a time = Keirin sessions!

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  • I'm hearing BC have been given clearance for all indoor activity to continue as before. Unverified but amazing if that is somehow the case.

  • That appears to be the case at Derby too , hopefully get a few more sessions in !

  • Possibly for discussion elsewhere bit I can imagine other sport NGB's being a bit pissed off by this if it is indeed true.

  • BC advise 30 can be on track, in separate groups of 6. Mcr will be capped at 18 for now.

    In other news, I rode with 3 others on a quiet session tonight and it went ok.

  • Track racing is permitted with 24 on track per group too

  • I've booked in a few session at Lee Valley next month to get back on the boards after being away for quite a few years. The drop-in accredited sessions will continue to run under Stage 2 rules, but I had an Endurance SQT session booked as well and this was cancelled, however I managed to change it to another drop-in session. No idea why one type of session can run and not the other though.

  • Guidance from Sport England & B.C. changed last Thursday night. Except for Elite, U18, & Disabled riders, there is no sanctioned indoor group activity or coaching.

    The tier 2 & 3 rule is no meeting or mixing indoors anywhere with non household/ bubble people.

    This is a bit open to interpretation as "meeting & mixing" haven't been formally defined (beyond dictionary definition) for the purpose of the guidance from what I can see. There's also the age old "is it coaching or facilitation/ safety instruction" debate and so venues are doing their best to interpret it all and put on covid secure sessions within the spirit of the guidance rather than simply close.

  • From a few days ago if you live in a tier 2 or 3 area you cannot ride at Derby velodrome . So as with covid regulations generally its kind of a mixed set of rules at the various indoor tracks .

  • Is Glasgow open yet? Or if not, any idea when it might be?


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Post Covid lockdown track cycling

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