WANTED: bike mechanics!

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  • I had an interesting chat on Friday with the founder of Handlebars.io

    They're about to open some new locations across London. However, they're in need of bike mechanics to work at each new location.

    Lovely people, nice idea, could be a good fit for someone on here:

  • Interesting that what they’re trying to do. Though I really I wish these businesses were honest and transparent and actually put what the pay is.

    “Competitive rates” is always a red flag that hints at them wanting to pay bottom dollar.

    Does my head in.

  • Get stuck in and have a laff, yeah right.
    There's no problems to solve in bicycle mechanics. You go by the book and follow a set prescription to fix bikes. This is not the creative arts, nor is it rocket science.

  • “Competitive rates” is always a red flag that hints at them wanting to pay bottom dollar.

    Strong likelihood this is using the ‘independent contractor’ model a la Pimlico Plumbers.

  • It would be well fucked if it is.

  • All you gotta do is too look at the funky add photos and you know it's gonna be swell 😂.


  • Pros and cons for both sides. Hopefully somebody who actually knows what the deal is will correct me.

  • I can ask about the contracts and salary if you like. The bonus/profit share looked quite unique.

    As far as I can tell, their approach only undercuts bike shops, not staff. They pay little rent but have direct access to customers (web/app bookings) instead of hoping for passing trade/loyal locals.

    Service driven, not product driven, it's well trodden ground (for better or worse).

  • Would be good to know what the pay is.

    Yeah, I know about the undercutting. They're famous for it by now ...

    To be honest. A culture of "disruption" and one of undercutting (one powered by venture capital money) that targets local bike shops / the bike sector with the view to expand and dominate reminds me of Uber. It's by now a well trodden path.

    In my view it's ultimately bad for whatever sector it's done in. Also i reckon a culture undercutting will ultimately effect staff, if not now then at some other point in the future.

    Intrigued to see how they go.

  • Im leaving Machine Bikes on Tower bridge road,

    So now there is a full time mechanics position going at this family owned business! Owner is a legend and I feel sad to be leaving but this leaves an awesome opportunity with good pay for someone else!

    Please email hello@machinelondon.cc with your CV


  • Can attest that this is true.

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WANTED: bike mechanics!

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