Bastard File / EU Travel Adaptor - Wanted E10 Today

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  • As above ^.

    Please, in E10 (or nearby) would like to borrow:

    UK->EU travel socket adaptor - for a day.

    Bastard file - for 3-4 days.

    Any help appreciated, pm me and I can ride and collect.


  • I've got a travel adapter you can borrow and I'll dig out a couple of files. I'm in E11 and around all day PM me.

  • Nice one, pming.

  • Sorted thanks!

  • What is a bastard file?

  • A file

  • A file, like a normal rasp I rhink

  • Ah a really rough file.

  • What is a bastard file?

    A file that sits between fine and coarse, the bastard of the two.

  • Pretty much, yeah. Files are usually graded as rough/coarse, middle, bastard, second cut, smooth, and dead smooth.

  • Normally the one you can't find when you need it.

  • All files in Yorkshire.

  • As in, my bastard ones are currently floating somewhere between Hong Kong and Brisbane..

    Along with all that other shit..


    In the end @TheShipwright had an angle grinder which did everything I needed doing, really quickly.

    Good god, angle grinders must be the most dangerous power tool in the universe. Have never understood why they don't come with kill-switches. Fun to play with though.

  • why they don't come with kill-switches

    They already come with 'severe wound' switches, kill-switch was thought to be going too far.

  • I've never heard of a bastard file!

  • I have one. It lists the names of every Audi driver in the UK.

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Bastard File / EU Travel Adaptor - Wanted E10 Today

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