Digestion system changes when cycle touring

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  • Find interesting the effect that cycle touring has on my digestion system...Am a regular visitor to the WC during normal times (a couple of times a day) but can go a couple of days without feeling any need to go only for things to reach pretty critical points fast ( resulting in me left scrambling for toiletry facilities). Am guessing bodies have different modes during points of high intensity exercise but find it interesting how quickly the body adapts to life on the road...

  • I think it’s easy to not take a crap whilst cycling, but it becomes hard to take a crap after.

    Carrying a trowel or mattock & loo roll and a dawn shite is pretty much why I love to go out on a bike with a tent. Or at least one of the highlights.

    Did an awesome one on Hogtrough Hill on my way out last time. Blissful.

  • So we have a "shit fixie skidders say" thread and now we have a thread devoted to bike related shits.

  • It was only a matter of time.

    Sorry @Gustav. Back to ‘digestion’, I assume you’re eating more, and taking in more liquids on an extended tour?

  • this thread needs @cake

  • also @Gustav I met your brother :)

  • Shits fixie skidders do

  • Sounds like youre more prepared than me @Skülly...that being said, I do love the sensation of clearing the passage after things get rather full

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Digestion system changes when cycle touring

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