Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo

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  • people are stupid.
    the end.

  • 50kg of grain arrived today. I was going to buy it in a few weeks time anyway (once current supplies ran out) but wanted to get the order in early as all the baking supplies places were overloaded last time and most shut their websites and had limited availability.

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  • After 150 days working from home, then office reopened with Covid 19 measures and rotation week in week home past 7 weeks, clocked in at 36.2’ C temp each morning. Back to working from home again for the foreseeable. Gonna miss those 80 miles per week commute. So now looking to do either early morning ride each weekday before 9am or get a set of rollers for the shed, before I pile on the kgs again.

  • https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08svf­cj

    BBC Radio 1; Katie and Dr Radha share advice for dealing with the changing seasons. They chat about how they're feeling and coping strategies for if there is another lockdown.

  • Not the prettiest thing in the world but I bought a gazebo and a couple of patio heaters so we can still have people round now the weather's gone to shit.

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  • Got a bbq, heat lamps if it gets too cold, a hose if it gets too hot, nice set up.

  • Why not just stay inside?

  • Because you can't have people round inside, but you might be able to outside.

  • Depending on if you're in level 1.

  • Because if you're in level 2 or 3 you can't.
    Given the rates are all > 100 per 100000 I'm not sure you will be for some time.

  • No garden visits when local lockdowns come into force.

  • Even if you can have people round inside or outside it is safer to meet outside if you can.

  • and a pizza oven too?!

  • and a pizza oven too?!

    Under the gazebo as well. No way the chimney will heat it up to much.

  • Pizza oven is set up to run on gas, the chimney comes off when it's in use.

    Who knows how long local lockdowns will last if/when they come in. I just wanted a way to have people round when possible. My wife's cousin and fella spent the afternoon, we had pizza and beers no one died.

  • Isn’t that the kind of claim trump makes about his whitehouse events?

  • Oh really? I thought if its 6 people then indoors is fine? Am i wrong?

  • Yes, it's exactly the same.

  • Who knows how long local lockdowns will last if/when they come in.

    there are all sorts of local lockdowns in pace right now

  • Yes, but not where I live (not yet).

  • Levels.
    1 : 6 is fine
    2+3: stay alone.

  • In large parts of the country, we've not been allowed to meet in gardens (or pubs and restaurants etc.) since August.

  • Yeah. BUT THAT'S NOT LONDON IS IT FIXXYBLEACH? I mean, "Up NOrth" is a WhOlE oTHeR plac.

  • Yep, I know that. My point was there's no way to know what area and what restrictions will be in place at any one time. This just allows me to still see people in the case that garden meet ups are still allowed, which they are in London for the time being.

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Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo

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