Getting ready for Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo

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  • I see you're not fighting to keep richmond or Kingston in the union.

  • A reminder of rates in areas that were placed under special restrictions with a few hours' notice in late July:

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  • What's your point? That the government locked people down outside of London, spent the time they had doing fuck all, are now trying hard to appear in control a d failing?

  • Those rates at the time were higher than rates in countries we were asking people to return and quarantine from. At the time that was high.

    It's bonkers.
    Also bonkers: cancelling Eid for people in the north the day before.

    Also bonkers: giving people plenty of notice Christmas might be cancelled.

  • it's more how hard and how quickly the hammer came down in the north vs. how slowly it has come down on the south. when was the infection rate for islington at 7?

  • I mean, let's not forget Cheltenham, the Liverpool match, the lack of proper quarantine on arrival from other countries, the shit show in Leicester and the racist messaging, the racist messaging about why the lockdown had to happen in the north, the continued spaffing of money.

    It's difficult to focus on one thing when theres so many things

  • north Londoners

    'plague pit'

  • Also bonkers: giving people plenty of notice Christmas might be cancelled.

    Bonkers how? I mean, I'm assuming we'll be in another full lockdown by then (fuck only knows what we'll do with all the students trapped in their halls...)

  • (fuck only knows what we'll do with all the students trapped in their halls...)

    battle royale x hunger games x big brother

    that’d be my Xmas viewing sorted

  • fuck only knows what we'll do with all the students trapped in their hall...

    There was this leak/rumour. Pretty bonkers and I don't think VCs will do it, they can't really.­20/oct/14/ministers-plan-pre-christmas-c­ovid-lockdown-for-english-universities

  • Pretty hard to enforce, but that's actually more humane(?!) than what I was thinking, which will be 'everything locks down from mid-Dec and students aren't allowed home'.

  • i've just realised that the net effect of the latest tiering structure means that my house has actually been put under more relaxed restrictions. we can now have 6 people in our garden, which we haven't been able to do for the last 10 weeks, if i understand things correctly.

  • fellow mancs, am i right?

  • Sounds about right. Expectations are it'll be either L3 or the mythical L4 total local shutdown in the near future, although:

    the region as a whole is still a long way off other areas such as Derry, Nottingham and Liverpool.


    So enjoy it whilst it lasts.

  • With lockdown and Brexit looming, I’d suggest sorting any pending banking issues asap. I recall having a business account application stopped halfway through at the beginning of lockdown, when banks were apparently taken by surprise (despite China, Italy, Spain already having gone into lockdown in the months before).

  • Yeah, make the most of it though, I think the battle with the south will be coming to a head today or tomorrow.I'm planning on making some kind of outside shelter for when/ if we manage to make it down to tier 2 again.

  • I don't understand peoples thoughts on hoarding and panic buying. There was a massive queue outside Sainsburys on Saturday, haven't seen anything like it for months. What made them
    think it was worth it during the first "lockdown"? You could always go to the shop if
    you wanted so what's the point?

  • Are you sure they've not just started limiting the number of people allowed in again? It doesn't take much for a big queue to form.

  • Under stress, people’s circle of concern diminishes. Unless we we’re educated about it and guard against it, we all tend to go: caring about society at large > caring about people we know and like > caring about those closest to us > caring only about ourselves.

    Doesn’t take much for people dealing with stress and uncertainty to move down that scale. The Govt should be the first to counter that dynamic, but we all have a part to play as well.

  • Big Sainsbury’s in Ladbroke Grove are only letting in 200 people at a time. I think the name of this thread should be changed, it’s nudging people to panic buy.

  • Happy to change the name. Any appropriate suggestions? We briefly discussed this earlier on but I didn’t get any specific suggestions.

  • it’s nudging people to panic buy.

    agreed. there's no 'prep' necessary.

  • lockdown 2: electric boogaloo

  • It has reminded me that I need some stamps though.

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Getting ready for Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo

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