Leg over skid?

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  • How do you press the front part of the thigh against the handlebar while having the leg over? I am getting comfortable putting my leg over the handlebar and remove it but I can't push hard enough against the pedal. It seems like in the video the rider pushes with the front part of his right thigh against the handlebar to create the leverage to push back the pedal. I believe this is the trick to lock the cranks, otherwise there is no way I can lock it.

    I am trying to do the leg over to the same side as the locking leg so I can bail out safely. I crashed pretty badly yesterday by attempting to do the leg over to the same side as it is not possible to bail out.

  • I don’t really remember “locking against the handlebar” as you put it from when I used to do this, it’s more like you’ve shifted your weight so far forward that it should really be no problem to just push back on the pedal and lock up the wheel.

  • OMG, maybe fixie isn't dead! Provided this isn't a troll post.
    With M_V, though. You're unweighting the rear-end significantly enough that the rear wheel just slides, provided you push back hard enough on the trailing leg's pedal.

  • I had to rewrite the post a bit because I was not clear. By locking against the handlebar I mean they seem to press the front part of the hip against the handlebar to add some support to push back with the leg against the pedal, and they seem to lock the cranks at almost 10pm position which makes the leg bend at a 90 degree angle.

    I tried to position all my body weight on the front part of the bike but I don't seem to be able to push back against the pedal hard enough to lock it.

    Are there any people based in London that could show me this trick?

  • Love this post.

    I think the best way to learn is to sort of simulate the position but without the leg over the bars to start off with. If you try to lean as forward as you can into the bars with your leading leg sticking out straight (but don't worry about it going over the bar) and use your trailing leg to force the pedal still, you should be able to skid due to your weight being forward like @M_V says.
    Once you get used to skidding one footed like that, then I'd worry about doing the leg over bit! That's how I was taught at least.

    It sounds like you're struggling with the initial skid bit, which you should be able to do without the leg over before you proceed!

  • @Elra I forgot to mention I can skid with one foot as you described. Left leg extended forward foot almost close to the ground, hips/pelvis against the handlebar and right leg pushing backward against the pedal. But once I put me leg over I can't find a position where I can push against the handlebars with my pelvis in the same way. Maybe the frame is too big for my size or something (I made the mistake of buying a 55 frame while I'm just 5'7, so top tube is 53.8 cm but I replaced the stem with a short one to make up for the oversized frame). I would blame my technique instead of the equipment though :)

    To be clear the skid I am trying to do is the #1 (leg over same side as locked pedal leg) in the 3 skid sequence in the video link Jason Yim is performing. #2 is the one I don't dare attempting for now as it is hard to bail out, and #3 is seemingly impossible (both legs to the same side as the locked pedal).

  • It sounds like you'll get it if you just keep trying.

    I just jumped on my flatmate's bike to see how I remember it and I think the no. 2 in that sequence you posted is the easier way. If you bring your leading leg under your hand on the opposite side you have more leverage. Maybe just practice skidding one-footed just using your hands on the bars with your leg not touching first - I'm not sure you need the extra leverage if you get your weight forward enough.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for tips.

    Where are the London riders showing off their tricks now that the fixedbeermissions is on hold due to rule of six?

  • I have been trying every day since I posted and I managed to be able to skid with the leg over but still clumsy and too tense. It is not one fluid motion yet to move the leg over and skid. I first put my leg over the bar, and then push my weight forward in two broken motions. I found these things help:

    • practice on grass if you fear falling over (I fell hard once so far). Grass is great for confidence but gravel is easier to skid on. Victoria Park is great for practicing on grass and even has a gravel path for runners.
    • learn first to skid with one leg only and the leading leg extended towards the side of the front wheel like advised above
    • what helps the skid is the momentum of shifting your weight forward and pushing down with the leading leg as if attempting to clamp the handle bar just above the stem with your inner thighs, and leaning the torso forward a bit while locking and pushing back against the pedal. So the skid works better when there is one fluid motion from lifting the leg over the bars to leaning forward and locking the rear leg.
    • I only managed to skid once I switched to a longer stem. I was using a super short stem that made the bike very twitchy. A longer stem seems to also give a bit more surface to support yourself over the handlebars.

    It is still scary how sometimes I hit the bar with my leading leg's foot while moving the leg over or pulling it out. If this happens at speed it's going to be an awful crash :(
    Better to practice moving the leg over the handlebars and back, over and over until it is accurate.
    I suspect the whole thing will be easier once I get a bike with a smaller frame since I'm riding a 55cm State bike while I'm only 172cm tall :(

  • cool, is that you?

  • Someone that rides with us, never tried though.
    I am trying to crack the fish&chips now

  • The lower the gear, the easier it is! (49/18)
    One thing I learned that if you need to bail for whatever reason, just lean to whatever side your legs are on (if you're skidding with bit legs in the same side). Just wait till you can do so by just falling slowly.

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  • Yeah, even the best fail (watch at 0m45s) https://vimeo.com/186141#t=0m45s

    It looks like bailing out safely when you skid with one leg to the opposite side of the skidding leg is going to be impossible.

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Leg over skid?

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