SORTED NOW: Ultegra 11sp Shifters

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  • chainset, mechs (31.8 band on) ,brakes, chain/cassette

    would need posting, thanks

  • Do you need a rear derailleur?

  • i do - i'll pm mate

  • I've got a 105 rear derailleur (medium cage) brand new if interested

    edit: 5800

  • I have a 5800 chain set and rear derailleur both in grey/silver

  • Pics as promised
    The rear derailleur is unused

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  • I've got an R7000 short cage rear pretty much new, swapped out for a medium cage soon after buying bike.

  • Also need some Ultegra/105 brakes - @Dawid_Owl (saw you offer some 8000s a while ago - were they the ones you had new off me? Interested if still available)

  • still needed

    • calliper brakes (105/Ultegra)
    • ultegra shifters if any about
    • chain/cassette
  • How new are you wanting and what teeth on the cassette?

    Fairly sure I've got one or more in the parts box but it will be used.

  • Hi mate -
    11-28 preferably and pretty light use I guess - up to c.500 miles.

    Many thanks

  • Still looking for
    6800 shifters and brakes
    11sp cassette

  • Set of VGC 6800 shifters required....pleeeeeaaase


  • still looking/needing - cheers

  • still looking

  • i would sell you mine if i found some dura ace equivalent

  • fingers crossed for you (and me!!!)

  • still looking

  • Hey there, I have a mint set of ultegra 6800 shifters, bought on eBay for £150, would like to get back what I paid for it. I also have a set of 105 5800 shifters, drop me a pm if you are interested. Thanks

  • Thanks for offer but not in a position to stretch to ebay prices atm.

    All the best with sellz and your search for r7000 brifters

  • Sorry to dig up a thread, but my girlfriend is looking for a pair of R8000 shifters if anyone has some.

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SORTED NOW: Ultegra 11sp Shifters

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