snapped chain stay

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  • hi guys,

    the worst thing ever happened yesterday: the drive side chain stay snapped on my work bike :(
    choice colourful language and rude hand gestures didnt fix it, so here i am in need of help.

    the frame is brazed steel, not tig/mig welded, so im guessing it should be a fairly easy proceedure to swap out the broken stay and replace it with a new one.
    is this the case?
    does anyone know ?

    furthermore, does anyone know a decent framebuilder who can braze well and be willing to undertake the repair?

    any and all advice will be appreciated

  • some (bad) pictures to give you a sense of whats gone wrong

  • any pics?

  • here you go my good man..............

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  • There's a lot of rust going on inside the tubes there, at least from where I'm sitting it looks so.

    Is it an old frame? Why isn't it painted?

  • If the frame’s worth reviving, see Winston Vaz. New stay is about £80 iirc.

  • yeah, it is quite rusty inside the tube, i guess thats why it failed.

    nope, not an old frame - less than 3 years :(
    and it is painted btw, its been bead blasted and glittered then a clear laquer on top (if that counts as painting)

  • thanks

    is he here on the forum?
    how can i contact him?

  • He has a profile on here, @skalliwag. Best Phone him, search for Varonha Frame works.He’s in Lewisham, well Hither Green to be precise.

  • its been bead blasted and glittered then a clear laquer on top (if that counts as painting)

    No, it doesn’t count as painted. Does seem odd that it died in only three years ... when you say ‘work bike’, does that mean courier type work?

  • worst thing ever

    Not even close and I should know I've snapped two so far.

    I got the steel one welded by the frame builders that used to be in South London. Can't remember their name but the point is if you like the frame, someone will be able to fix it.

    The alu one was warranty frame replacement.

  • That'll buff out.

  • You are very welcome. He’s an absolute don, be nice to him! Respect due. Surely London’s most experienced framebuilder currently in business. And he cares about what he does, he aint phoning it in.

  • That'll buff out.

    2008 called, wants its forum jokes back

  • it is painted btw, its been bead blasted and glittered then a clear laquer on top (if that counts as painting)

    Clear lacquer won't stop rust, only primer and coloured paint will. Although it looks as though your problem was not having the insides of the tubes rust proofed. I would hazard a guess that the other one will be in a similar state.

    Are there holes inside the BB shell into the stays to allow moisture out? or near the dropouts

  • This^

  • That and "yeah, but how's the bike" will never die. Plus they're not even close to being lfgss jokes.

  • yeah, that type of work
    though i dont think that had much to do with it, its more likely the rust

    been on the road for over 10 years and this is the first bike/frame that has broken (and there have been a few) without the outside help of a motor vehicle

  • there are and there are.

    strange, because it is a like for like replacement of an old frame i retired after 8 years hard service and it (was) still going stong.

    ive never really considered treating the insides of a bikes tubing before, i guess it make sense now im thinking about it, but i have to say that seems a bit of a stretch for that to be the cause of the problem.

  • laquer might be the wrong word.
    its been glittered and a translucent paint applied over the top of that so the brazing, steel and glitter all shine through.
    though im not sure that this still isnt the cause of the problem.

  • on closer inspection i think its just a fault with the fabrication of the frame, seems water ingressed at just the point where the braze and steel meet, which i think has over time led to this

    hey ho...............
    at least she cant shout at me for buying a new bike
    silver linings and all that

  • Plus they're not even close to being lfgss jokes.

    Ah, you mean to say other forums exist. Someone mentioned that a while back, I didn’t believe it.

  • What frame is it, out of interest?
    Got a full bike picture?

  • its not true, there are no other forums

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snapped chain stay

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