Bikes For The Elderly

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  • Thanks again for your input @ioreka - I showed her pics / videos of Bromptons, expecting a reaction like "what is this, a toy bike?" - but she saw them and loved them :-)
    Long story short she will need to test-ride one, especially one with a motor, to see how it is, handling-wise..

  • Actually now I want one!

  • to help her not become lazy and unfit

    To my mind, this is a misconception. It will be up to your mum how much she uses the electric assistance. If you think of the e-element as her insurance policy, you could argue that it might encourage her to be bold and make trips that she otherwise wouldn't make.

    FWIW - I have several years of experience of delivering inclusive cycling programmes and I'm confident that the likes of Wheels for Wellbeing and their kind would back up my assertion.

    I do agree about the weight issue - perhaps look into options where the weight is carried as low as possible to minimise the top-heavy feel.

    Re the smaller wheels - my experience is that a bike with smaller wheels can feel more unsteady if your balance is sub-optimal. I'd encourage you to trial a smaller wheeled bike before you give that option too much serious thought.

    You've had loads of good advice/responses on here - it's great to see such a supportive response to keeping your mum on two wheels!

  • ..indeed!
    Thank you as well for your feedback, I do appreciate it!

  • Fantastic bike - it looks great, and long may your dad enjoy it!

  • Haha excellent!! Well done buddy, very interested to see what she thinks (and, of course, the colour she picks and what extra exciting add-ons 😂)

  • If you’re looking at the electric Brompton, it might also be worth having a look at a Gocycle? They’re a bit different from the Brompton, as they’re designed from scratch to be an electric bike so, most things are internal. I’ve got one if you’re in London and want to try one?

  • Thank you for the offer, I'm in Berlin though!

    Those bikes look interesting, yet the more we think about it the fact that one can fold the Brompton into a small compact package might come in more handy than we first thought - as this means the bike can go into the trunk of the car when not in use (there is no bike shed etc., carrying in the house is not an option)..

  • I've been having this conversation with my Mum recently too!

    Just one plus for the eBrompton that we identified - if it ever needs to be moved anywhere by hand, the battery is removable first, separating some of the weight from the bicycle.

  • Yea that is one big plus for us as well (battery needs to come inside as there's no power outside for charging, plus she lives in an area that gets to about -10°C in winter).

  • I think that is the case with the vast majority of ebikes.

  • @tinakino what did you go for in the end? how's it going?

    i am going to very politely hijack this thread because i'm writing a blog about older adults and bikes. if you have your own experience of this intersection i'd be most interested! dm me pls

  • Hey @ioreka winter just came on quick and harsh where she lives the whole project has been postponed until spring next year.

    I still think an electric Brompton would be the smart choice, if just for the fact that she would be able to store it in the trunk of her car outside the house (instead of having to carry a "big bike" into the house, down some stairs, which is impossible for her).
    Dealbreaker might just be the somewhat fiddly handling (she will need to test-ride some Bromptons in spring definitely).

    I'll keep you updated when there's any news!

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Bikes For The Elderly

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