• My wife has expressed interest in getting a road bike, hoorah.

    My initial idea was MGOOF, some steel with a nice paint job, but then that probably means a tiny headtube and too racey a geo. She doesn't like hills (yet) so it'll mostly be Essex, weight isn't such an issue.

    If you have anything that ticks these boxes gimme a shout:

    • TT or virtual TT <520mm
    • Horizontal or near horizontal TT, none of this curved super compact Spesh Allez nonsense
    • Sick, or at least neutral paint job, see above
    • First choice would be full working bike with wheels (so I don't sink loads of time into a project that might not get used much)
    • Second choice, nice frame I can build something up on
    • Budget probs around £500 but that's flexible if it's really nice, or I think it has resale value if she looses interest

    This is pretty cool on ebay, but the seller wants too much and I'd only really want the frame.

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  • Had this on sale not long ago here, now on Fleabay if Alu frame is an option...


  • My wife’s bike is still here. It has nice wheels! It’s ready to ride if you have a seat https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3509­90/#comment15500163

  • Thanks for all the replies. I'm really leaning towards a full bike the more I think about it. There's a tiny Cannondale SuperSix on the 'bay... might be a bit much though.

  • If you’re interested in the Dawes it can have a seat and pedals if that helps

  • Ah thanks but it’s not quite the right flavour.

  • I'm listing my little 650c dale, which has a 52cm frame but 650c wheels, so none of the small frame compromise with angles and water bottles, it's in the projects thread. But you can also read about the model here. http://Www.Myra-simon.com/bike/cannon.ht­ml I don't want much for it. I'd have to think of a price. Offhand 350, plus petrol say 370 hypothetically. I'd have to meet part way if you fancied it as I hate packing bikes. Ace little thing. I bought it as I only have a 30" inside leg and road bikes with 700c make me look like I joined the circus. It's only for sale as a dream frame came up. https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3514­77/?offset=25#comment15498769

  • How about my Argos?

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  • That’s pretty cool. Saddle to bar drop might be an issue though. Maybe a compact frame would be good...

  • Yes I had a litespeed compact it was great.

  • I stuck a cheapo carbon post in on that shot it was crazy long and ended up on the water bottle stops so I never used it. The Coda post cleaned up well and is back on far lower. Pics later anyhoo.

  • In same boat as you. I've changed from thinking of building an MGOOF to just getting something modern. The geo just doesn't help.
    One steely she really liked was a Genesis Equilibrium. Nice and square with very manageable reach, so on the lookout for one now.

  • i've got a caad 5 (or so) that is a full bike. just needs some TLC

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Road Biek Wanted: XS - 52cm - 53cm - Steel - Alu - Carbon Even....

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