'Long Covid' / 'Covid Long-haulers'

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  • I have to admit I'm getting pretty sick of having a headache.
    0/10, would not recommend.

  • Here's yet another article, this time a summary of the state of knowledge so far, and the different types of 'Long Covid':


  • I suspect it won't be worth posting every article about this going forward, as the basic patterns seem to be recognised now, but here's a study trying to identify who's most at risk.


    It's still so early in studying this.

  • So, this is extremely interesting--it seems as if severe COVID-19 cases as well as 'Long COVID' may be driven by auto-immune over-reactions. I think this is potentially very good news for the investigation of auto-immune diseases generally, as it may help shed light on the underlying mechanisms and see more research funding become available for this strand of work, especially, perhaps, for suspected post-viral auto-immune problems such as ME.

    Scientists have long known that conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and multiple sclerosis are driven by the immune system malfunctioning and attacking the body. But less is known about viral infections and their ability to induce autoimmune reactions.


    Early days, obviously just one more non-peer-reviewed study, but intriguing, I think.

    Hope all those with continuing symptoms have seen them lightening!

  • So after being sure we had covid earlier in the year, and having been experiencing long covid type symptoms, we’ve both just tested positive for Covid. Lol.

    I’m weirdly relived as it makes me think the symptoms of long covid were probably more lockdown related than as a result of covid itself.

    Now, fingers crossed I don’t get long covid from actually having covid.

  • You might have got it twice, there are more and more examples of that happening to people:

    Hope you don't have it bad and you feel better soon.

  • Been sweating bullets for the last few days. Achey as fuck. But feeling better today at least.

  • What's the estimate for how many people have had it in the UK now? Even if it's only 1% of those infected that are susceptible to reinfection, that's still tens of thousands of people.

  • Confirmed positive tests are around the 1.95 million mark, which is around 2.8% of the population. Actual cases could be around 5x that figure according to a lot of sources, due to large numbers of people only having minor symptoms which they ignore, not bothering to get tested, or simply being asymptomatic.

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'Long Covid' / 'Covid Long-haulers'

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