• I collect stuff related to the Hacienda. This is a cocktail menu from the Gay Traitor bar in the basement.

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  • I have started collecting illustrated Billheads. Things were nicer back in the day...

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  • Started collecting rare (ish) bottles of whisky about 5 years ago. Normally buy two- one to drink and one to store.

  • Shell road maps, beer mats, Hull City tickets and grounds. Shoes.
    Can get very completeist about things. Shimano Ax, M900, most groupsets at some time. Hunt all the pieces, feel a sense of satisfaction and then dispose of at a loss. Think that is what brought me to this forum first.

    I've a definite compulsive habit of odd things. Thank goodness not drink or drugs.

  • Good god, you really do love the DS don't you? How's yours coming along? Prettiest car ever made for me.

  • That is very cool.

  • I'm not a collector but I have far to many trainers I think there are a few on here who do collect in a serious way though

  • stones with a naturally occurring hole in them

    That is habit-forming all right—so satisfying to spot one! My mum now collects them too.

  • Hagstones. They keep witches away. I have a few. Stones.

  • My grandad was in the RAF and sent back a bunch of shit from his travels that we'd have kicking around the house, a big Persian rug, some ceremonial African oar things, a massive awesome painting of hell from Malaysia or somewhere around there. It was all quite cool but it's mostly got lost or sold over the years and house moves, family deaths etc.

    I can't compete with that so I just have a bunch of generic nerd stuff.

  • Def working, no witches here.

  • your work is something like this, right? I can't remember what you do but something resonates

  • I've got a mini collection of fire service stuff... don't think I've ever put it all together for a picture before! Not as mini as I thought!.. some was free, other bits from flea markets. My favourites pieces were all gifts (Rio de Janeiro keyring and BOMBEIROS patch, FDNY patches and coin, NFPA coin, Edmonton coin, Merseyside badge, Belgrade badge). There's more books but they're not collectible or vintage.

    Not actively growing the collection, but as and when I add to it...

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  • I collect stuff related to the Hacienda. This is a cocktail menu from the Gay Traitor bar in the basement.

    That's brilliant

  • That's neat. I started getting those when I first got to London and they printed a new design every second week. But thankfully I stopped using the Tube and the Tube map addiction subsided very quickly (before I started hunting down proper vintage stuff like this). Maybe they should reissue the curvy ones :)

  • They're ace!

  • They’re also handy for seeing faerie folk - you look through them and voila all the faeries are visible.

  • Yeah, I do Screen Printing, gold gilding and Sign Writing so along these lines.... old trades.

  • My alternative Movie poster collection will be expanding.
    Tyler Stout sneak dropped a timed edition Terminator print, and I felt compelled to buy it

    Also Jason Edmiston dropped a mystery tube with half a dozen of his works in it, cannot wait to see what I get.

  • Thanks - took me a long time to find that one. Here’s a photo of my scale architectural model of the Hacienda (by artist Nick Hardy). Even has the photo of Tony Wilson in the ticket booth by the front door.

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  • We collect original animation cels. Here are two of our favourites. A 1988 Tom & Jerry cel and a cel from Dumbo complete with Walt Disney signature.

    How anybody had the focus and patience to hand paint 15 + frames per second to make these shows is beyond me.

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  • Nice,
    I was tempted to start collecting anime cells.

  • We collect original animation cels.

    Those are lovely. I remember spending ages looking at all of the cels in London's Warner Bros. store as a child and thinking 'one day' - must not start looking now...!

    Have decided to try and complete a set of replica Norwich City home shirts since they were mass (lol) produced now, purely down to the fact I've probably got the majority from the mid-90s onwards and there's not that many to fill in the gaps - keeping it to home shirts will also prevent me getting to this level...

  • A mate has a couple of very nice Akira cells. Much jealousy

  • Thanks for sharing these badges. I just bought a badger and a fox.

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Collectables, Limited Edition, Rare and Vintage, what do you hoard?

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