Collectables, Limited Edition, Rare and Vintage, what do you hoard?

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  • got a ten deutschmark note that i'll be cashing in to pay for my son's hand-foot swap surgery

  • I collect alternative Movie posters too.
    Mondo style (mainly non-Mondo but it's the brand people seem to know)
    I have a pair of Jurassic Park by Florey on the wall, and a reprint of the original Jurassic Park art, signed by Chip Kidd (the original artist) framed and hung. I intend to get a frame for the ticket tat in the OP and make a JP wall (if MrsDeth allows)

  • Magic the Gathering cards.
    And cassette tapes.

  • Tintin stuff:

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  • Stig Lindberg Karnival pottery

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  • This is the aforementioned sword

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  • I developed a habit of buying old Sega Master System games off eBay in the early 2000s, you could find tons of them for 99p and during the console’s original lifespan I was always too poor to afford more than a couple of games a year. I amassed over 400 in the end but have largely sold them all to pay for life. Weirdly they appreciated in value crazily. Some of the rarer titles went for £150+

  • Don’t really collect anything myself but I do have Chris Froome’s Team Sky skinsuit, unopened in the packet that he never used

  • Bottle tops. Started accidentally with some WKD from holiday in Spain as a youngster.

  • My friend had this is their old flat, their flatmate had been given(I think) it when they finished working at a Waterstones or something. they had so many weird little ~collectibles~ in their flat, lots of transformers toys and the sorts. this was cool though.

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  • Start as you mean to go on

  • No way I used to collect bottle tops when I was a kid. Always wanted a coke one with Coca Cola written across it and a coke bottle behind. Never found one

  • ha, a candidate to offload some perhaps ? Mini DV/ disc Canon ones, working, but no leads or battery..

  • Fantastic, love that . Room looks great too 👍

  • Ha I had one almost exactly the same. Found in a junk store for £4. Think they’re illegal in the uk now .

  • Signed shirts, mostly GB cycling, of which mostly track, football ones, framed 2-piece one signed by Pele & other by Maradona that my kids are waiting for me to pop to swap it for a new Playstation or whathaveyou is going to be 'in' when I do pop, some athletic ones, even bloody netball ones.

    Have given quite a few away for charity causes to reduce the collection and stoke the consciousness ..... if there is a collective will among LFGSS crowd would do same here. Can't auction it as against The Rules, so ideas welcome - forum to benefit of course - fixed price for sale or other method if poss ...something like one below, names & sizes TBD

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  • Some art; a 1st edition We go to the gallery by Miriam Elia, a Campbells Soup can (alledgedly) signed by Andy Warhol, and a signed Gilbert&George exhabition poster.

    And stones with a naturally occurring hole in them.

  • Excellent, that would make a great exhibition, and T-shirts as @nankatsu says.

    I saw this in Brixton graffiti pit last year

    ...which was of course a reproduction of this flyer from Aug 1992.

    I was not there but was making boxes elsewhere at the time. Wow 1992, I feel old.

  • Aside from bike parts and scars, what do you collect?

    Limited edition olympic 50 pence pieces.

  • I used to be much more proactive in collecting records - probably only have a few thousand now, since selling/charity shopping quite a few. I've got a small collection of Czech matchbox labels - some of them are really lovely - i'll put up some photos of the sheets i framed up.

  • These are the only ones we're missing


    Got any doubles? :)

  • I forgot about the 50p stashing, I have a few in a draw somewhere.
    I used to keep any that were not your standard. (Olympic or otherwise)

  • I collect Final Fantasy items - games, steelbooks, promos, OST, strategy guides, lithographs etc.

  • I'm after some of the alphabet letter 10p coins in anyone fancies giving some up

  • In the past I've collected rocks, stamps, stickers, coins, bottle caps, bubble gum cards, phone cards and I hoard stuff a bit - like I have all my school work from Kindergarten to Uni in boxes at my parent's house along with every birthday card I've received. Oddly enough I hate clutter though so I can swing the other way and get ruthless at times when it comes to chucking stuff.

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Collectables, Limited Edition, Rare and Vintage, what do you hoard?

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