Collectables, Limited Edition, Rare and Vintage, what do you hoard?

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  • Aside from bike parts and scars, what do you collect?

    Today, I took delivery of what MrsDeth would call tat: a silver plated ticket to Jurassic Park.
    It's a pretend ticket to the opening weekend of a fictional (failed) zoo.

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  • I also have a hefty comic collection, all from the last 10 years or so (nothing valuable)
    But have recently been buying some Dark Age (1980s) stuff, Killing Joke 1st print and Death in the Family 1st run.
    Looking for a decent condition V for Vendetta series from the late 80s too.

  • Watches, old leather jackets and boots fml 😂

    That ticket is well naff but I still want one.

  • A coupe of inherited Anglo-Indian items. A lovely octagonal table with inlay and a sword cane. A few other bits of furniture.

  • film cameras to annoy tina kino

  • This has potential for some great stuff, subbed.

  • I want to collect nazi memorabilia but it’s it’s normally very expensive or difficult to find

  • .

  • Is this a thing?
    What's the appeal?

  • You end up being on a very exclusive list...

  • Reminds me of that waffen ss designed fixie that got taken down from velospace years ago.

  • I try not to collect as I’m prone to hoarding and acquiring unusual stuff but end up with lots of things I’m interested in, accidental collections.

    I have quantities big ghettoblasters, the usual things like records and books, mid century chairs, lighting, music equipment, skulls, plants, bikes and loads of other random stuff including a 40ft windmill.

    Everyone says my place is like a museum. And that it’s untidy.

  • Reminds me of a recent discussion about people trying to reclaim the swastika and other associated symbols in the tattoo thread, just didn't imagine that's what's going on here.

  • Jo Burt (Mint Sauce) stuff.
    4 jerseys
    1 t-shirt
    6 calendars
    2 posters
    1 book

  • Subbed to this.

    I have an almost full collection of National Geographic going back to the 60s!!

    Not all mine originally, I was given 60s-2000s by a friends Dad when he down sized, newer volumes were bought by me.

    I've 'recently' moved and they're currently boxed up but I do have photos somewhere....

  • And beer mats, not sure why to be honest but I always grab some when I'm in a new pub or on holiday.

  • This

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  • nazi memorabilia

    I remember when I was young, my grandmother showed me a ceremonial nazi dagger that her late husband had looted / liberated from Germany when he was stationed there in late 45 / 46. It was a huge solid thing with probably a six-inch blade and an eagle clutching a swastika on the pommel.

    My father hated it, and he "disposed" of it once my grandmother died. He never told me what he did with it but I strongly suspect he chucked it in the sea or some similar approach rather than selling it to a collector.

  • How’d this thread go to shit so quick?

  • That’s probably my fault

  • have about 10,000 rave flyers from early 90's to mid 2000's, mostly mint condition and unscathed, ministry of sound pascha the end goldie and metal headz early carl cox ones

    a lot of the nice early ones got made into flyer walls at uni and home, they had sticky tape on them got damaged so got chucked when they came down, those were probably the rare and valuable ones from 90 - 93, should have got two of each in hindsight

  • ^Could make some great t-shirts out of some of them.
    Got any Tonka Sound System ones? Brain Club in Soho?
    I've kept a handful from the early 90s

  • Tons of records (30+ yrs) & VHS movies and Big Box editions of VHS

  • My dad collects old steel helmets. He's got quite a few including English, French, Russian and German. This Pickelhaube was brought back from the western front after my Grandmother asked a distant relative to bring one back for her. It was traced to a cavalry unit in the Passchendale area. We don't know if it was fought for or found lying around!

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  • i've got a 1968 european cup final programme signed by all the united team and matt busby and some other old united programmes of my dad's

    loads of records but in very unfashionable niches
    bret hart rice krispies
    an aerial shot of headingley signed by maurice lindsey and nigel wood
    keep all my old photos on a computer. photos of people but also some places
    at a french car boot in 2006 i got some mcdonalds pin badges that say MOSKVA (in cyrillic) and HAWAII - gotta be worth a couple of grand each easy

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Collectables, Limited Edition, Rare and Vintage, what do you hoard?

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