Shit Gravel Grinders Say

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  • You know I was discussing this with @cake that how the big brands get it right compared to any artisanal nonsense thats out there

    here is a pic of a Tubus rack:

  • Big brands do indeed get things spot on for the average rider

  • I do like Tubus racks tho

  • OooooTP

  • I have dogshit Hope QR skewers with cable discs which are utterly fucked and only sometimes have a bit of rubadubdub or light axle slippage. The fork does have big ass lawyer tabs though, so there's a little peace of mind when I'm doing teh gnar and skrrting errythang.

  • This weekend was basically the same turning round point but one on road and one on gravel - latter was far more enjoyable.

  • The way the fork is twice the size of the seat tube is really upsetting, throws the visual balance off of what otherwise looks to be a nice bike.

    They are the neu fixieskidders for sure.

  • Through an intoxicating combination of speed, darkness, and well, intoxication, our pack of buzzing freehubs took on an orchestral quality, evoking Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, which remained stuck in my head for the rest of the evening.

  • "Charlie don't grind gravel!"

  • Fucking lol

  • should really be getting a coffee grinder and not another set of bars to add to my pile

    @BareNecessities I think this thread is more apt.

  • don't see myself buying bibshorts without pockets ever again tbh

  • sometimes you just gotta send it

  • gravel climbs have the best views

  • Are these comments from amey's twitter feed?

  • Once you get used to barefoot shoes there’s no going back though.

  • his reply's on Prolly's instagram.

  • roadie rims, would not ride

  • gravel is so hot right now

  • Yay oh
    Yay oh
    Hot right now

  • Last week I commuted to work 'off road' for the first time. A friend from work who knows the area very well took it on himself to plan an off road route through farm tracks, fields and woods and I pinched the GPX file, uploaded it to Komoot and used an old phone for a GPS. It was unbelieveably fun and enjoyable, I saw a roe deer and then some hares in a field of linseed and only saw about two cars the whole route. Was comfortably the nicest commute I've ever had and a really bloody fun ride.

    Took and hour longer than my usual ride in but so worth it. I'm wondering how I'll go back to the regular ride now.

  • Was he/she late for work? Does he/she even still have a job?

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Shit Gravel Grinders Say

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