Shit Gravel Grinders Say

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  • Bit of cross over w/ fixie skiddaz - but these are two different clans with different vernacular So deserves a new thread IMO.

    I’ll start:

    If gravel isn’t any one thing, then it’s everything.

  • there is no gravel in the UK

  • You probably came here because you're just like me.
    You’re a bit quirky, you’re a bit unusual and you’re a little outside the mainstream.
    You strive to be different from all the other folk out there because that is your strength.

  • Is this a commercial? Feels like the only thing that's missing is "Well, I've got the perfect bike, just for you".


    It has the gravel mentality though.

  • If anyone cares bike weighs 9.85kg.

  • Whole point of gravel bike is finding the ultimate compromise between road and off road.

  • something something something about gear ratios

  • I met some graveleurs on my way home on my road bike on Saturday. The usual west of Scotland cycling greetings were exchanged. However their reaction to me was more interesting in terms of what I felt was unsaid.. a graveleur superiority, due I think due to our respective levels of adventure (saying this I fell off mtbing yesterday and ended in up in A&E!)

  • Sell it and buy a gravel bike.

  • Truth!

  • Was going to get a paint matched frame pump but too much hassle for gram points.

  • I've kind of gotten to the point where I don't really care to pedal a bike with anything less than 2.0" tires

  • Just get an Arkose

  • Oh I'm definitely going wider than my current bars! Don't know if I'm making excuses but I find that I can't get enough air in when I'm trying to breathe deep for climbs, so I'd like to go pretty wide I think.

  • Took my buddy on a gravelly ride last week. He got a bit “look at me covered in shit, look at those roadies all clean...I’m so hardcore”.

    But fair play he’s normally on the road and he enjoyed the grottier routes for a change

  • Isn't tarmac is just gravel that's been glued together?

  • I should at least get to refuse an MBE

  • There’s no such thing as gravel.

  • this frame/fork/tyres bring the trails alive

  • 37c is almost road bike tyre width these days.

  • A Ritchey is a Harley for wfh liberals.

  • on point ! current forum mindset in a nutshell

  • maybe ready for when bridal paths become useful in april? who knows, the longer i can long this out the more reason to keep living imo

  • Riding your bike is a compressed version of life

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Shit Gravel Grinders Say

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