For Sale again Jack Taylor TT(?)

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  • SoldSoldSold pending collection. Ta everyone.

  • Sorry @Skülly it’s being flipped.
    @bjf I assume this is you trying to flip this for £600 on eBay?! Please correct me if I’m wrong.
    Think you are Cornwall based.
    Destroys the whole point in the site which is is to keep prices low so other forum members can own these rare bikes.
    Surely we should ban people like this.

  • Busted

  • Hahah even put my text cut & pasted into the ebay sale.

  • Well spotted.

  • Let's just bid and time waste

  • @Velocio what’s the deal with people trying to profiteer off the forum? Any specific rules? Cheers

  • I ban those who make a habit of it, and let shame take care of correcting the behaviour of those who do it once or twice.

  • Sounds reasonable

  • @bjf you suck.

  • Let's just bid and time waste

    nah fuck him.

  • I offered it to @mattc at the same price I paid but he didn’t get back to me. I bought a different bike a few days later and can’t keep both. If anyone wants it for £300 plus postage on here let me know and I’ll pull it.

    I may also add I’ve given away a fair bit on this forum and also “sold” thing just for a donation to the forum.

  • Listing ended, you’re right I was acting like a cunt. Who wants it then?

  • I’ve reposted it at £350 to cover fees. I do need the cash...

    If anyone here wants it at £300 just give me a shout.

    Sorry guys, I did fuck up.

  • OH jeez

    Does it not fit?

  • Feel bad for the pile on.

    Think wadi's indignation got me upset. TBF I listed it in a fit of 'just get rid of some bieks!' and I have to get shot of some more still.

  • Have altered the thread title.

    Good on you for being straight with it.

    Let me know if you list it on ebay that's your right to do so, and I'll close the thread again.

  • I have to get shot of some more still.

    Wot else u got fer sellz... anything along the lines of the recently departed mercian...?

  • Man I want this bad. Just saw it on eBay. Good man for putting back to original price. Glws

  • I don’t feel bad, it was a clear bid to try and flip (don’t mean flip I mean sell) it for double what he paid.
    Good man for realising his mistakes, you should have no problem selling it.

  • It wasn’t bought to flip. A ti road fixed bike came up and I bought it and I’m not a millionaire that can afford everything he wants hence trying to raise some money. Anyway, it’s sold on eBay for £350. I will have broken even by the time I’ve forked out on fees.

  • Word.

  • Rollercoaster of emotions, this thread. 🍿

  • Let’s hope this isn’t it for sale again ;)

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For Sale again Jack Taylor TT(?)

Posted by Avatar for Skülly @Skülly