The Bikes and Rides of Hollow Legs

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  • Much preferring the drop bars on this for distance riding. Did 180 miles over the last two days and it was spot on.

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  • argh this build is italian hands - was very nice seeing the original thread as it was being done

  • oh man, that looks great with outpost!
    btw does the pomp handle weight well upfront? I'm thinking about carying a laptop in a front pannier, not sure if it's a good idea

  • Thanks! Yeah it handles fine, I usually carry more weight than a laptop on just one side and it’s no bother.

  • Ohhh what's that framebag? looks great, as does the bike.

    Edit: Found it... Straightcut

  • Dunno if i've missed it, but what frame is that?

    Have a strange inclination to put together a fixed/ss build that will take big tyres - that looks spot on with the disc up front

  • Yeah, it’s a Straight Cut. Ross does amazing work, you won’t be disappointed.

  • The frame is a custom jobby. A friend makes bikes in his spare time and this is one of them.

  • Speaking of which, things have started arriving for my custom gravel build (even though the frame won’t be started for a couple of months).

    Going for compact geometry, 72.5 degree head tube and seat tube and clearance for 700x45 tyres. Gearing will be 1X and it should put me in a slightly more upright position than my Shand road and gravel fixed in terms of fit.

    It’ll be nice and straightforward; Columbus tubing, paragon dropouts and fittings for a rear rack for lightweight touring. I did consider a dynamo light as the fork, a Salsa Waxwing Deluxe, has internal dynamo cable wiring but basically CBA.

  • The Salsa fork looks fairly serious.

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  • I’m thinking a nice burnt orange for the paint as the hubs and headset will be silver and the seatpost titanium.

    I’m really into the colour of this Factor O2 right now.

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  • Good choice, that'll look great

  • Following a totally unplanned purchase I now own a bmx.

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  • I broke a spoke on the rear wheel of my road bike this weekend. Third spoke to go this year on the rear wheel. Somethings not right. The rims are discontinued Pacenti SL25's which I'm thinking are the problem here; previously I had the front one crack at the spoke hole (which in fairness was replaced by Pacenti no questions asked).

    I've ordered some DT Swiss RR 521 rims so hopefully they'll resolve the issue.

  • My gravel frame is being glued together, hopefully ready in a week or two then its off to Hendersons in Edinburgh for paint.

    This is the geo. Only thing that's different is the fork length (10mm shorter) and head tube length (10mm longer) as I had to change fork choice due to availability.

    Should be nice and nimble and there'll be guard and rear rack mounts for practicality.

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  • Also just realised that the tyre size on that BikeCad is wrong; those are 2.1's in the drawing but it'll be taking 700x45's so the guards will actually fit ;)

    Components as they stand:

    Fork: Salsa Waxwing
    Headset: Cane Creek 110
    Stem: Whisky
    Bars: Whisky

    Groupset: Shimano GRX 1x

    Wheels: Chris King to DT Swiss
    Tyres: WTB Riddler 45c

    Saddle: Fizik Arione
    Seatpost: Salsa
    Bar Tape: Fizik

    Got some King Cage anything cages and bottle cages too. Plan is to run without a frame bag for bike packing; saddle bag, dry bags on fork and bar bag only. Pedals will be whatever I dig out of the cupboard first, probably some old Time ATACs.

    I've never had a gravel bike that I've been happy with. My previous Soma Wolverine And Surly Ogre were great bikes but neither of them felt inspirational to ride. I'm confident this is going to hit the spot.

  • Been a bit quiet on here but there's been some progress.

    I now have everything for the gravel bike except the hubs; those I'm waiting on Chris King fabricating them and then shipping them to me. I ordered them through AVT who said they'd be shipped after Thanksgiving but realistically it looks like I'll receive them in the new year.

    The frame has been powder coated by Hendersons in Edinburgh. I'm really happy with the finish and they only charged £60. Winner winner. I put some components on the frame tonight to see how it looks. Two thumbs up. Saddle height will go down a bit and obvs there's no headset or spacers in there so the bars will be a bit higher.

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  • I also picked up a rather nice looking (in my opinion) Terry Dolan track frame. Lower end Dedacciai tubing, tig welded, unicrown fork etc but there's just something about it that I liked. Turned out the eBay seller was a friend from Edinburgh so it was hard to resist.

    Only thing I've done so far is pop a Campagnolo headset in there. I'm thinking of building it up with silver components and Velo Orange Postino bars for yet another summer fixie skidder.

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  • The Terry Dolan says Terry Dolan 12 times on the frame.

  • Also go my FIXED ROAD bike totally dialled with the drop bars and did a big ride on it. It was one of those rides where everything felt good; the weather, the route, the traffic. I even took a shit in some woods and that felt good too.

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  • man you are a fixie king! Love that Terry Dolan.

  • Haha, thanks! Yeah, the Terry Dolan has 90's caravan vibes but it sure is good.

  • I love you rode 200 miles for a greggs.

  • Lots of cool stuff going on in this thread

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The Bikes and Rides of Hollow Legs

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