Edinburgh Tag of Bike

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  • New tag-

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  • Old tag - looking back to shore from the Newhaven lighthouse

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  • New tag -

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  • Awesome, 2 tags in one evening! Was getting concerned I'd killed the game.

  • I really enjoy following this thread (from London).

  • Cool, I have absolutely no idea where this is!

  • I love that view back to shore, especially how all the lights are reflected in the water.

    I enjoy dipping into the London game just to learn interesting things @Oliver Schick.

  • As a new arrival to Edinburgh, it's my favourite building so far. I'll add in a clue—aware that it being dark doesn't help with recognition and wasn't sure how famous/obvious it might be!

  • Hold off on the clue and see if someone recognises it in a couple of days? It's probably just me

  • Sure thing

  • I know it well, but won't be in Edinburgh for a bit.

  • Old tag - St Ninian’s Manse, The Shore. A pal of a pal did the exterior renovation of this, plus I had to wait ten mins for a workie parked right outside to finish his lunch.

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  • New tag -

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  • Tough one this, so here’s a “clue.”

    Cutting through an old military installation in the North, you’ll end up round the back of a ___ Kent chemist towards a flour mill, ending at a harbour.

  • Fuuuuu... went to get this this morning! Should have checked before leaving I guess. Oh well, added on another 12 miles to my ride today.

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  • You've added a very nice tag photo that shows the building better.

  • Gorgeous picture!

    I think I've cracked the clue, hoping to check tomorrow morning, but others may already be on it.

  • Ha, sorry man, nice day for a Shore visit through. New tag is closer to your neck of the woods though..

  • Old tag - rock n roll ally behind the Cark Chemist at Newhaven

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  • New tag

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  • Now that I'm home and my fingers work again here is a clue - it's where the science happens.

  • Shout if a better clue is required.

  • Old: Palais du Variété in the King's Buildings (NOT George Square Gardens as Google would have you believe and where I spent 30 minutes pedalling around searching).

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  • New:

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  • How do you like them tyres on the road?

    Unrelated: now I'm back on a bike I might grab one of these one day. If/when I recognise one...

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Edinburgh Tag of Bike

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