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  • As a wee extra nudge, the guys moving beer are just round the corner from a chimney that's visible in a few recent pics in this thread.

  • Newbie here. First post
    Dalry Road

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  • New tag

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  • Exemplary bike and tag colour co-ordination. :)

  • It’s almost as if I painted it myself - not that I would, of course.

  • I think I passed you heading up West Granton Access this afternoon just before Red Bridge.

  • Yup, I was there. What were you riding?

  • Statue is Beer Movers, on the corner of Dalry Road and Easter Dalry Road (beside the Co-Op).


  • Thought so. I was intrigued by the sticker on your mudguard as I thought it was an Audax one.

    I was on a grey On-One with a squeaky chain.

  • It’s a spokes sticker - I went to the critical mass ride yesterday.

  • Came across this the other week at grassmarket. Valves will take your eyes out.

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  • Edinbourgh tag of bike is a very nice idea. I had spent holidays with my son in Edinbourgh some years ago. Since that days I love Edinbourgh and try to identify the places in this feed. When visiting Edinbourgh next time (after Coron) Ihave to bring with me my bike, I think, to take part this feed😊

  • I really like the look of that Cannondale, it feels like it has strong parent bike potential—how are you finding it?

  • Can we have a wee clue?

  • I like it. It’s got the rather twee name of Treadwell but it makes a grand town bike, esp with the front rack.

  • Sure. It’s a church, obviously. When I first went past, it was dark and the lights in the church were on, and the stained glass windows shone beautifully. I should have got a picture, maybe next time. I thought it was unusual to see stained glass at street level undamaged and unprotected these days. Anyway, guess I made it a bit too hard so here are a couple more pictures.

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  • Not that its too hard mate just a few word clue is often helpful....and I had no idea ha but I do now.

  • Hey I’m just a bit of a tourist getting in on the action. Took a little googling to get the old tag @ Pilrig St. Paul’s church.

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  • New tag: Howe’s that?

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  • Nice. Welcome.

  • St Stephen's, at the junction of Howe St, St Stephen St and St Vincent St

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  • Remembering might get to the heart of the matter

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  • Haha damn I went past there earlier @jsabine

  • Always good to know it's recognisable, and my disguised framing wasn't too wilfully obscure

  • Haha I thought it was that pub at the top of the mound… alas it was not. On inspection that road is wayyy too small to be the top of the mound

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Edinburgh Tag of Bike

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