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  • This has stalled quite a bit, hasn't it? Did wonder if I should have tried to get the red flag out front in my pic.

  • Go get it. I have no idea where it is.

  • I know where it is but I've moved out of Edinburgh. Can try and get it next time in town.

  • Perhaps a clue? Keen to get it but gave up after 30 minutes of googling.

  • Ah sorry I hadn't seen this thread in a while. I thought it would be a relatively easy clue. The capital city is Beijing and the bearing between the tag and Beijing is 101.44 degrees. I imagine that satellite dish is so people in time can watch TV in their native language. It's on the water of leith, near Murrayfield

  • I'd hoped that the mention of consular services, and a medical centre opposite, and a red flag out front, might help as clues too ...

    Go get it. I have no idea where it is.

    I'm in London ... Happened to be in Edinburgh the day it was posted, happened to be outside it the following day. Had a camera, didn't have a bike

  • Here's the building from another angle (old photo) . I had considered it for a tag but changed my mind.

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    • IMG_20210714_195852.jpg
  • Old tag: Chinese Consulate, Murrayfield.

    (Must admit I needed the clues/images for this one)

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  • New tag: Gormle(y)ss

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  • Guess this one has stalled, but you can find it along the river towards where some more modern art lives..

  • Sorry ive been too busy getting hoolit, fat and losing all motivation to do anything.

    I know where it is...I'd say most do, they're just lazy.

  • Old tag: Water of Leith Walkway down from the Gallery

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  • New Tag: Horse scran.

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  • Lulls are normal, they happen in all tag games. Sometimes, people are just too busy, but it always picks up again.

  • Old tag: Haymarket yards

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  • New tag

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  • It's good to see the game still moving forward. I'm hoping that when I return to the office I'll be able to participate again.

  • ^ this

    Work has ordered more monitors/keyboards/etc for hybrid working so I'll be doing 2 days a week once that's in.

  • I have posted in other BikeTag threads in the past, but this is the first I've posted in this one.

    If y'all would like to have a tool to play the game, we have https://biketag.org ready for you to use. We ask that someone become a "BikeTag Ambassador" to oversee the local game but the responsibilities are very limited. And since there's no integration with the forums here at lfgss posting would need to be done manually here. It's not the best solution for lfgss like it is for Reddit, but I figured I would offer it nonetheless.

  • Old is George IV Bridge, by the Central Library where I spent a lot of my youth.

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  • New - a couple of guys who'd be ready for a pint after work, but work stopped here for them a long time ago.

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  • Newly painted I think?

  • I think so ...

    Sure he wasn't quite as bright last time I saw them.

  • Maybe the same scum bags that painted Sandy Irvine Robertsons hand...

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Edinburgh Tag of Bike

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