Edinburgh Tag of Bike

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  • ...add a bit of culture. Left in Deutsch.

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  • Oh, very good, Chris. I like following tag threads in other cities. Have you moved?

  • Great start, everyone. Make sure you make a map or you'll easily forget what's been done. Also great that almost all the pictures have been uploaded to the forum so far; if you use external image hosters, like @Gumbé possibly had to because he/she couldn't upload to the forum (it can take several attempts before it works, so it's worth persevering), the pictures will mostly disappear. If you look at the London thread now, it's mostly holes and empty posts where people have tagged around the beginning of the game.

  • Am I Chris?

  • Remind me what the recommended map tool is please?

  • Sorry, I meant the thread starter. :)

  • Ah, good point. This I don't know. The London map is Google-based, which may not be the best solution, but I'm afraid I don't know which would be better/ideal.

  • Old tag - public toilets at Bruntsfield Links
    New tag - not Hogwarts or Heriots

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  • Ooh nice, can maybe get it tomorrow but hope someone else does first!

  • Prev tag: Donaldsons.

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  • Next tag: To swear with a lisp and the other half of Ernie.

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  • Too hard or nae one fussed?

  • Did not know there was an Edinburgh tag going on. Hopefully I'll recognise something.

  • Find that one and its game on.

  • Old tag - St Cuthberts graveyard.

    I still haven't worked out the clue though.

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  • New tag - Australian candles

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  • Cuss with a lisp = Cuth

    (?) and Ernie = Bert

    -> Cuthbert

    I didn't get it until you posted the location though!

  • Cheers, that's makes so much sense now!

  • :oD

  • Shout if a better clue is needed, I'll hold my hand up to being bad at thinking of one. I don't want to be responsible for ending the game 🙂

  • I have hardly left the house in weeks, I'll go and get it tomorrow. Expect the next tag to either be near screw fix or mine

  • Totally slipped my mind, I know it, hopefully rj gets it

  • Candlemaker Row across from the Aussie bar.

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  • Turn at the grave robbing strippers.

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  • The game is afoot!

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Edinburgh Tag of Bike

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