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  • Bicycle Tag of Bike in Edinburgh


    Playing Bike Tag:

    1. Look at current tag; if you know it, or can figure out where it is, ride there.
    2. Take photo of your bike at the location.
    3. Ride elsewhere and take a photo of your bike at new location.
    4. Post both photos on here.
    5. Tell us where the old tag was.
    6. Don't tell us where the new tag is.
    7. Offer more or less of a clue, depending on new tag difficulty.

    Some Bike Tag RULES:

    1. Old and new tags must have the same bicycle.
    2. Old tag isn't taken until the new tag is posted (post them at the same time).
    3. Tag locations must be freely accessible to the public.

    Some Bike Tag GUIDELINES:

    1. No blank or near blank walls.
    2. No reflecto-porn.
    3. No hogging the game.
    4. Very occasional shoe-tags are permitted.
    5. Keep the game within the area named in the thread title.
    6. No re-tags.
    7. Pre-tags are permitted, but are not really in the spirit of the game.


    A map generously created and populated with the first 40 tags by @rj
    Can be used to avoid re-tagging, or casual spectating, etc.

  • New:
    nice easy one to start

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  • I was remembering London's famous London's BTOB thread a few weeks ago, so I'm happy to see this appear. I look forward to getting a few tags after my hols.

  • Previous tag: Edinburgh Castle Esplanade

    New tag: Soon to be luxury flats? Maybe a McDonald at least...
    (Sorry for the terrible photo!)

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    • IMG_20200914_185414.jpg
    • IMG_20200914_190916.jpg
  • Upload fail. See post below...

  • Nice, though photos aren't working (on my computer at least)

  • Previous tag: Dryden Terrace looking towards "The Engine Yard" development

    New Tag: Clubhouse for a sport you might not think of as quintessentially Scottish in a part of Edinburgh named for a definitively Scottish one.

  • woohoo!!! the game is on!!!

  • Seafield bowling club in the Leith links.

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  • This part of Edinburgh shares it's name with an American actor/comedian that could never get any respect.

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  • Very nice pictures!

  • Um... Did I just murder this thread? Answer to clue was rodney dangerfield "rodney" being the name to focus on.

  • Living in East Lothian and WFH for far too long, going into the city is really only reserved for weekends. I know where this is so perhaps on Saturday...

  • I forgot to check back on the thread, just did it now and knew the location immediately. So don't worry!

  • Yeah, I'd been planning on going by this week but kept getting distracted. Looking forward to nabbing it early next week if no one else has gotten it by then

  • Old tag: Heriothill Tunnel. Looking towards George V park

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  • New Tag: If you want to eat at the cantina, you'll need a few dollars more.

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  • Classic! Haven't been there since 2005

  • Old tag, Edinburgh's 'wild west', Morningside

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    • IMG_20200929_142102.jpg
  • New tag, old house turned visitor centre near one of the many hills in Edinburgh

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    • IMG_20200929_143705.jpg
  • Nice paint btw.

  • Should I give a more obvious clue?

  • I know where it is, I've just not had time!

  • I also know where it is but don't want to hog the thread.

  • Right lets get crackin' with this thread. Old tag, Ice House, Hermitage.

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Edinburgh Tag of Bike

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