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  • I look for that every time I’m in ikea (which isn’t often, admittedly). I assume it’s been discontinued, just like the boxes that were the perfect size to store 7” records. Not that I’m still bitter about that or anything…

  • Thanks, will check it out!

  • Nice - will you be CPing?

  • Yeah might do!

  • Big news:
    The GT is now minus one seatpost!

    Popped it in a bench vice and yanked the frame around a bit and it came out fairly easily.

  • Excellent news! I had a feeling it just needed a bit more persuasion .

  • Put some wheels on the Giant, mainly just so I could put it on a bike hook and get it out of the way. Just some fairly basic rx100/mavic beaterey wheels but they cleaned up ok and they’ll do the job.

    Flite was mainly to help get the seatpost in. Elle doesn’t get on with flites so I’ll need to find something female-specific and that won’t look nearly as nice on this bike! :-D
    Stem is also a placeholder till I find a silver one.

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  • I think I might actually have everything I need to get the GT rolling, apart from a bottom bracket. Still trying to decide wether to go with flat bar or some kind of dirt drop. If the latter I will need to find some levers.

    I’ve gone for a quill - ahead converter for ease of bar swappage. I was going to get a new headset for it, but I’m quite enjoying the rattiness of this one.

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  • While I’m updating this thread:
    Made some minor tweaks to the rockhopper.
    New cranks and a tiny, tiny chainring. I do wonder if it’s now too low geared (30t). I’m a fan of the cranks, though.
    New levers - think the black looks better and on the very short test ride I did, I was pretty into the 2-fingerness of them over the longer shimano levers I had on before.

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  • I did pick this front wheel up - mavic rim on a nice Hope hub. I tried to set it up with a hydro calliper and lever I’ve got set up and waiting to go on something. Sadly whoever welded the disc tab on the fork was clearly visually impaired and should be praised they only got it about 15 degrees off being parallel.

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  • 30t feels way too low as soon as you ride with someone

    but when you're riding alone with a basket full of crap they feel just right

    bike looks excellent!

  • Yeah although we’re pretty slow on the rigid 26er based rides I go on, I think this is just going to be that bit too spinny even so. I’m going to order a couple of cheap narrow wides in 32 and 34 I think - see what’s a good fit.

  • You sure you've not mounted an adapter the wrong way round? Disc tabs are usually welded whilst held by a jig, so it'd have to be a real Friday afternoon job to have been glued on the piss...

  • I’ll get a photo when I’m back near the bike. It’s pretty impressive! Although thinking about it, it’s probably more likely that it’s been bent rather than having been mounted on the piss.

  • Ok, so this frame is designed for v-brakes, but because I’m a contrary twit I’m putting cantis on it. The front is fine - I’ll pop some sort of hanger on the steerer or crown.
    The issue I have is the rear. I have a binder bolt hanger, but I’d forgotten about all this GT nonsense putting the seat stays at a funny angle to it.

    I feel like it’s a little too much, but then I can’t think of another way of doing it.

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  • One of these on the seatstay bridge? replace for a shorter bolt. looks like theres a hole there.­gh-front-brake-cable-hanger/

  • I’ve got one of those on the way for the front - I’ll see how it looks but I feel like it might not leave enough room between that and the seatpost to get a cable in.

  • Another option is a cannondale force 40 pivot … or this modern version­o-power-hanger-brake-enhancer-for-cantil­ever-brakes/

    Apparently work well but an absolute pig to setup

  • I have actually got a set of those - completely failed to realise that they might be a solution here! 😳

    They’re pretty ugly, so I’ll see if the above idea works first.

  • I’m in a quandary. I’d initially thought I’d build this up as a drop bar gravel beater type of thing. Got some tyres and bars courtesy of @si_mon628 this evening (many thanks indeed sir - nice to meet you briefly) so I thought I’d approximate a bicycle with what I have. Decided to give some wide risers a go as well… and now I’m not sure 😬

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AlexD's modest array of bikes

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