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  • I finally got the Senderos I’d been waiting for so I wrestled them on to the wheelset and checked the clearance in the Genesis.

    It’s..... not much.

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  • I have no idea how ‘safe’ that it to ride - I suppose it depends on how hard I’m riding or how muddy they’re going to get?
    These tyres are exactly the kind of thing I want to be using on this wheel set so I’m going to take the frame along Pi at Clandestine here in Bristol and see if he can’t hammer me a bit more clearance in those stays.

  • Looking a bit burlier

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  • He actually did it absolute madman.

    What was the issue with the hub in the end?

    WRT the clearance i guess it depends where the mud builds up. Does seem like if they had just made the dimples a little longer you'd be in the clear...

    In my experience, when the mud starts building up to dangerous levels its pretty obvious, because the wheels don't spin properly anymore, so as long as you stop pedalling you can probably save the frame....maybe.

  • I was going to message you with an update actually! I ended up taking both hubs apart, soaking in gt85 and a couple of kettles of boiled water over them and they got moving ok. Basically the grease had all solidified and needed thoroughly melting off! There’s a rubber seal I need to replace too. So it turned out to be a time rather than money investment that was needed :-D

    I think I’m going to use these wheels on a ride Wednesday and see how they are. Clandestines quote for the frame modification was very reasonable so I’ll definitely do that, but I’ve got to psych myself up to stripping the frame first!

  • I also want to set these wheels up tubeless. The tyres were a massive pain in the arse to get mounted on the rims so anything that helps me not have to do that very often sounds like a worthwhile investment.

  • Surprised they fit at all! Very aggressive tyres by all accounts - keen to hear what you think

  • Yeah I was keen to have this wheelset as off road capable as possible really, so wanted to get as knobbly as would fit.
    I’m surprised they fit too!

  • Swung by to see @bs7 (Who sold me the frame) and came away with seatpost, stems, bars, wheels and mudguards! Also got a mech and shifter from @Mat-CR through the post so things are coming along nicely.

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  • I’ll be putting something a bit knobblier on the wheels at some point when budget allows.

  • Looks awesome already! I wanna try these Kojaks once, they look ace...

  • holy fuck thats nice

  • Ha, cheers! I’m going for ‘2nd nicest Giant rigid 26er in Bristol‘ ;-)

  • Thought I’d try some bars with a bit more rise first. Zig-zagged the heck out of them trying to force them through the clamp, but then this is supposed to be my beater...
    Got some cantis and levers through the post. I have a different set of cantis that I think would be better but I need pads for those. I’m not 100% on the levers but they’ll do for now.

    Grips are awful but I can’t decide on black or gum so they can be placeholders for now

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  • Did a ride on these on Wednesday night. It was pissing it down and I was riding byways, track and that sort of thing. They were pretty good! Felt a lot more confident on these tyres than my 700x40s. I didn't notice any drag from mud clogging at the stays, but I think it was wet enough that it didn't get a chance to collect there. I think it might be different story if it had been dry, but with recent rainfall.

  • Found some 4 bolt cranks that have a vaguely ‘classic’ look to them (whatever than means) - STX-RC. I was expecting them to be a heavy lump but they’re not to bad without the rings. Cheapo narrow-wide in the post.

    I’ve got some ratty shimano cantis on there at the moment but I might swap them out for the black tektro oryx I have, which might balance out the weird black/silver mish-mash I have going on here.

  • This is coming along nicely! Got the same cranks on my Giant and love the fact that they're compatible with cheap N/W rings.

  • Cheers. Yeah there are plenty of 4 bolt square taper cranks, but pretty much all of them seem to be really ugly!

  • Good stuff, thanks for the review. I take it your chainstays survived intact too then?

  • The Kojaks look great. I might end up going bald once I've got my MTB up and running.

  • I’ve got something knobblier on the way, as this is going to be on-and-off-road, but I’m looking forward to test running this on the Kojaks first. They may well go back on next spring.

  • Slowly but surely. Swapped the 8spd cassette for a 9 (just 11-32 at the moment but I’d like to get an 11-36 on there at some point. Even left a little bit more chain length for it), got the cheapo chainring on and the other cantis. Quite pleased with how it’s coming together so far. Could do with a lairy neon yellow bottle cage really...

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  • wow looking nice!!

  • Cheers! Next step is seeing if I’ve got enough cable inners and outers to string it all up! My money’s on ‘nearly but not quite’.

  • Neon cage & cables!

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AlexD's modest array of bikes

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