AlexD's modest array of bikes

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  • I used a 10-speed M786 shifter with an 11-speed M8000 derailleur before upgrading to 11-speed.

    Some mid-range Shimano MTB rear derailleurs are identical between 10 and 11-speed groups.

  • First proper #dadmode ride for the rockhopper

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  • A bit of tinkering and I got my gamoh porteur to fit. Rather dog-centric photo (my wife took the photo. She’s clearly got her priorities right)

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  • I had to space out where it mounts at the fork a fair bit in order to clear the canti straddle thing. I need a slightly longer bolt as the straddle touches the mount. I’ll get a longer bolt, but in the meantime this should be fine right? Other than probably making an annoying noise when I ride it.

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  • The next step is clearly a trailer for Odie. That or a cargo bike.

  • Screw that - he can run along beside me. Although he’d definitely end up in the spokes.

    I have managed to teach him to run with me (as in both of us running). He’s not bad - much better than walking to be honest

  • I tried running with Crumpet once and she just kept wandering off, idiot dog. Need to try again really now that she's a bit older!

  • The bike looks great by the way, very jealous.

  • Off lead or on? I run with Odie on his normal lead till I get to some fields, then let him off a bit. Mainly he’s on lead though, otherwise he’ll just bugger off

  • Off lead, I think she'd just pull me over otherwise! If I was more arsed about running I'd put more effort in to bringing her along. As it stands, neither of us is willing to put the work in.

  • Also, this whole "just take your dog for a run" narrative is going to undermine my efforts to convince my partner that we need a cargo bike to go on adventures with Crumpet.

  • Screw that - he can run along beside me. yeah I think I’m going to have to get a cargo bike. I just can’t see how dog ownership is feasible without one

    Amended, with apologies

  • Perfect, thanks. I'll pass that on.

  • I had similar issues with my old British Eagle and a Pelago rack.

    Had to gently persuade the fork mount, and use unorthodox bolt/spacer combo. Ended up ditching the cantis in the end as they fouled panniers when clipped to the sides.

  • I’ve ordered a longer bolt which will clear the canti straddle. I’m not sure if having a bolt that long introduces any issues in terms of how much weight it can bear though. I do have my vague plan of putting disc brakes on this though, which would solve the issue anyway.

  • Love the rockhopper. Is it the BLB big smokes you've got on there?
    I was going to try the XLC 50mm risers on mine but sounds like best avoided

  • Yeah the Big Smoke OS. I was tempted to get the polished version but just opted for the slightly weird, dusty feeling matte black finish.

    BLB do a 50mm rise bar but it’s the only one they don’t do in 31.8mm for some reason

    Definitely skip the XLCs. The only reason I ended up keeping them was I figured I could put them on my daughters bike as her grips are shorter.

  • Think it’s safe to say I ordered the wrong sized bolt for the rack fork mount…

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  • Ok, that’s looking a little better!

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AlexD's modest array of bikes

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