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  • I (think) I've only ever done two project threads and I don't own either bike any more, so I thought I'd just start a thread to chuck miscellaneous bike updates and musings that everyone can just put on ignore and be done with.

    Donohue track

    I think I'm more or less done with this bike, although it needs nicer bar tape and I'll eventually want to get nicer cranks and some better wheels. I bought the frame off here and build it up to be a nice-weather fun bike and also an actual track bike that I take to the velodrome. Since getting it track-legal, it's mainly been ridden on the track actually. Such fun and I've taken secret pleasure in it being the only older bike I've seen there so far. Not getting loads of use right now while Newport is closed, sadly. It’s got an SLR at the moment, not the flite in the photo.

    Ribble Terry Dolan
    This has been my only road bike for a while now and has gone from 8-speed 105 to it's current 10 speed Dura Ace 7700/7800 (with 105 shifters) mish-mash. I've always wanted to properly Neo-retro this up, but I'm not sure the frame would really suit that. It's a nice frame that rides well, but I've always wanted something with a bit more style and possibly a sick fade or two. Also has an SLR, as the flite ended up on the Genesis.

    Genesis Croix de Fer
    I'm pretty much only riding this at the moment. I bought the frame at the start of all this Covid business so I had something suitable to pop a child on the back of and ended up gradually building it up as a gravel bike, which is what it's doing most of it's duty as.

    I've been buggering about with this A lot recently, trying to get the gears right. I started out 10spd with an 11-32 cassette and XT rear mech, which I found wasn't cutting it on some hills I was doing. I bought an 11-42 cassette, which I then needed a hanger extender to make work. Never got that shifting right, so I swapped it for a 11-36 and got rid of the extender - this is the current set-up and is working nicely. But then I impulse-bought some 11spd shifters on here, so...

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  • I don't know how I can justify these photos to myself, really. So shoddy. I might get my wife to take some, so these bikes stand a chance of looking alright.

    This is the current set-up of the Genesis. I've got new parts on my desk and in the post, so will be doing some dicking around with it as soon as kids/work/puppy allows. Although I have a fun ride planned tomorrow so I should probably wait till after then, in case I bork anything.

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  • Bloody love that Donohue

  • Cheers Mat, it's such a nice frame. Just hope I've done it justice!

  • That Donohue is amazing<3

  • Cheers! Awful photo doesn’t do it’s dark red sparkly loveliness any justice at all.

  • This lot plus a new cassette and chain mean I just have to find some time to spend on the Genesis now. Keeping it mongrel, obviously.

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  • I was a bit nervous about the R7000 rear mech not having enough clearance for the 11-40 sun race cassette - I didn’t really want to use an extender. Luckily with the b-screw wound right in it seems fine.

    Gears indexed suspiciously easily, which probably means I’ll have gear issues on the next ride.

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  • I de-decaled a deda zero 1 the other day which I was going to pop on. Completely pointless as the controltech stem I have is fine. It’s lower stack than the controltech though and I already have a couple of spacers above the stem so I left it. Will at some point get round to chopping the steerer...

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  • Got some 650b wheels for this. Managed to sort (I think) a stuck freehub, which I think I now just need to replace a rubber o-ring on, but while I wait for tyres to turn up I thought I’d torture myself with clearance worry.

    I’ve got some 47mm WTB senderos hopefully on the way. I’ve just popped the rear 650b wheel in and measured the side to side clearance and it’s not massive - there’s about 52mm gap for the tyre to sit in, which isn’t loads of mm either side. Plenty of room for the tyre height, it’s just these frames weren’t really designed with chunky 650b In mind I guess.

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  • Interlude
    picture of Donohue in current road-legal state. I hate having to put a brake on this bike as I love how it looks in track-mode. But I’d be leaving behind a wife, 2 kids and a dog if somehow my sick skidding skills failed me one day.

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  • So good! I really need to give my Donohue a bit of TLC. It's all a bit worn out at the minute which means it rides like a bag of shit so I tend not to ride it which is shameful!

  • Yours is the ratty purple one right? Love that 🐀

  • Yep! Desperately needs a new BB and either new bearings in the wheels or new wheels altogether. Will have to wait until I'm a bit more flush though.

  • If they happen to be Miche primato hubs, I’ve got some bearings I could pop in the post?

  • Pls do, don't let your Donohue die like mine D:

  • Love the Donohue. The first picture is giving me ideas of painting my frame brown. Then I noticed it looks more maroon in the 2nd picture?!

  • The second photo is much more indicative of the colour, although it’s a bit of a deeper red and has a lovely subtle sparkle to it. I need to take it out soon - been far too long since I rode it.

  • Update on the boring bike:

    I cautiously cut the steerer this morning. Decided to only take 10mm off as I can always hack away at it a bit more if that’s not enough. I’m also trying it stacked a little higher (which seems a bit counterintuitive after chopping the steerer!) and I’ve whacked on the deda stem now, which leaves a delightful little patch of grubby steerer showing.

    I really like those flite genuine gels, but I was getting muddy a lot with this bike and I wanted a saddle with a synthetic covering so put my spoon back on. Might put the flite back on the Donohue, although I like the SLR on the track).

    I also finally found some side-loading cages I liked (Cannondale gt-40) so I’ve plonked them on.

    It’s getting there. I think once I’ve got the 650bs set up (think I’m going to give tubeless a bash) then I might be able to stop dicking around with this bike. Probably not though....

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  • Postman just delivered a restrap medium frame bag bought off here. I love the small one I have but needed just a little more space. Swapped the paracord out for something a little lairier.

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  • Hmmmmm. Just noticed this - 650x47 byways in a CDF frame! Barely any clearance, and byways aren’t as knobbly as senderos 😬

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  • They're not, thanks a lot for the offer though!

  • Whoops!

    Seem to have acquired a frame. Looks like I’m building up the obligatory 26er dadbike/beater/runabout. Colours didn’t come out well in the photo - it’s dark purple, not black.

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  • Apologies to @Matisse for completely biting his style with the rad Giant fadez...

  • Sik fadez!

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AlexD's modest array of bikes

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