• I recently inherited these parts from the collection of a relative who was a fairly keen racing cyclist in his day (time-trialling in the 80s and 90s judging by these ). He died 2 years ago after suffering with fairly rapidly-progressing Alzheimers. I'm keen to see these parts go to people who will appreciate them and 50% of the proceeds from this thread will go to the Alzheimers Society.

    Pickup from SW London preferred. I can post things but it won't be in a great hurry. PM for postage costs, Paypal payments will require fees on top. Pricing these is a challenge as some of them are quite collectable, let me know if I'm way off.

    Cranks (both 144mm BCD) - PHOTOS
    -1. Campagnolo (Nuovo) Record 1981 170mm £60 > £55: An absolute classic in pretty good condition, some heel/strap rub on the outer side of the NDS crank and some rub on the inside of the DS crank. Other than that, just some minor corrosion spots

    -2. Mavic 630 175mm £50:SOLD

    Chainrings, all 144mm BCD and 3/32" - PHOTOS
    -3. Campagnolo Super Record 52T £30 marked "Brev Campagnolo" (slightly later version), barely used
    -4. Campagnolo Super Record 54T £25 marked "Patent Campagnolo" (slightly earlier version), very light use
    -5. Campagnolo Super Record 54T £20 marked "Brev Campagnolo" (slightly later version), light use
    -6. Campagnolo Record 51T £10 SOLD
    -7. Unbranded 52T £5 SOLD

    Bottom brackets
    -Campagnolo Nuovo Record £40 PHOTOS: English-threaded, 68mm x 115mm ISO spindle with original "Patent Campagnolo" crank bolts SOLD

    -FT Bologna £30 > £25 PHOTOS: English-threaded 68mm x 120mm (ISO I believe) spindle. Proper boutique racing stuff this, possibly made by Omas. Steel spindle with aluminium cups and sealed bearings which are running freely and pretty smooth, but not perfectly (these are not original, hence the suntour sleeve, it's easy to find replacements). This has adjustable cups and lockrings on both sides, so it can be tweaked to the perfect position to get your chainline spot-on. Sadly one of the aluminium lockrings has cracked; happily it's the NDS, right-hand threaded one, so any lockring from an old BB will do. I've included a basic chromed steel one to get you rolling.

    -Iscaselle Giro d'Italia Titanium £40 PHOTOS - SOLD

    Campagnolo spanners - PHOTOS
    -Campagnolo "Peanut Butter" wrench for crank bolts £30 SOLD
    -Campagnolo Lockring and 32mm Headset spanner £20: Some rust marks and lockring lugs are a bit rounded on one side (not a problem unless you decide to push rather than pull this spanner).
    -Campagnolo Bottom Bracket and Pedal spanner £25
    -Campagnolo 32mm Headset and Pin spanner £25

    Other Tools - PHOTOS
    -Campagnolo vintage crank puller £20 SOLD
    -Suntour chainwhip £10 SOLD
    -Other tools include from left to right a Maillard splined freewheel remover (I think) ; (ignore the one in the middle of the photo), and a "West Riding Brand" tool that appears to be a bit of a mystery to everyone

    -Rear Shimano 600 Tricolour £30 PHOTOS SOLD

    -Front Suntour Cyclone band-on 28.6mm £15 PHOTOS: Bottom pull with a cable stop (so you can run a piece of cable outer all the way under the BB shell. These can apparently work on triple chainsets with a bit of fettling.

    Pedals - PHOTOS
    -Suntour Sprint Pista-style £40 SOLD
    -Christophe Brevet AFA chrome toe clips £10 Nice condition
    -Plastic toe clips (additional pair as pictured attached to the suntour sprint pedals) £5
    -Suntour Superbe Track / Pista Cages NOS (inc. bolts) £35 PHOTOS Brand spanking new in the original packaging
    -Suntour Superbe Road Cages with original bolts £30 PHOTOS Almost perfect condition, these look like they have just been removed from a set of pedals and never used again.

    Bar tape - PHOTOS
    -Allez Shade Bar Tape £5 each 3 available: 2 x white/blue spotty fade ; 1 x purple black spotty fade ALL SOLD
    -Benotto Cello-Tape Grey/Silver £10: Old-school racing bar tape that you heat seal at the ends
    -Sevel Annello Lockrings NOS Yellow £10: Cool little collars that clamp at the upper end of your bar tape to secure it and allow a cable through.

    -3ttt Record 84 / AR84, quill stem for 1" headset, 90mm black 26.0mm clamp, includes instructions £35 - PHOTOS SOLD

    -Campagnolo Nuovo Record Brake Pads and Holders £40 > £35 - PHOTOS: Chromed steel holders with rubber-coated wheel guides (not sure how this dates them). Nice condition with a tiny bit of missing chrome on the underside of one holder (bottom left in the photo). One pair of pads looks pretty much unused, other is very slightly worn. Includes lovely original domed nuts.
    -Modolo Kronos levers in white £20 - PHOTOS SOLD
    -Weinmann non-aero levers £10 Photos 1 & 2: Classic levers in very nice condition
    -Weinmann Type 500 calipers: 2 sets details and photos to follow

    Freewheels PHOTOS also see here for the Maillard catalogue:
    -Maillard Sprint 6 speed 12-17 with "Dural" alloy sprockets £50 > £45: This is a special bit of very racy kit! Amazingly light, since it has alloy body and sprockets. Sprocket spacing is the standard (i.e., as it was with 5 speeds) which means that this (if I understand correctly) will work on a 126mm OLD hub, but not 120mm; check Sheldon's page here. As you can see from the pictures I've had the sprockets off this to ensure that you can customise and/or service it in the future if you want. I've fitted it with the best cogs from the collection that I had (see below for spares), which have next to no wear on them. Spins and clicks nicely. The removal notches are a bit worn, which is why this includes the original removal tool, which grips absolutely perfectly and I'm confident you'll get this off as long as you grease the hub threads well and hold the tool in place with a QR (as you always should!)

    -Maillard 700 Compact 6-speed 13-18 £25 > £20: All steel construction on this one so very durable. Spacing is narrower to allow 6 speeds on a 120mm OLD hub (would also work on 126) but requires a "narrow chain" which actually means any modern 3-8 speed chain that doesn't have the rivets sticking out the sides. Please ignore the spare cogs in the photo.

    -Spare "Dural" alloy Maillard cogs £30: full 12-17 set with one duplicate. These are slightly more worn than those on the Sprint freewheel above but could be useful if you snap a tooth off when reefing it up a hill. NOS ones of these are up on eBay for £20+ each! Happy to entertain offers for single cogs if anyone needs a spare.

    -FREECYCLE Suntour "Perfect" 5-speed 14-22 freewheel This has got a bit sticky and needs opening up and servicing before use. I quite fancy the challenge, but honestly don't have the time. Too good to throw away.

    -Campagnolo Croce D'Aune Aero 27.2mm £30 >£25 PHOTOS SOLD
    -SR Laprade fluted seatpost £8 PHOTO 27.2mm roughly 120mm from the minimum insert mark to the rails. Bit zigzagged.

    -Mavic 500 front hub 28H £20 PHOTOS: Amazing hub, very early sealed bearing design that was way ahead of its time and apparently goes on for ever. Has some unsightly surface discolouration that might very well polish out if you have more know-how than me. Bearings are still lovely and smooth. This has previously been laced radially, but there's no horrible elongation of the spoke holes.

    Little bits and bobs
    -Campagnolo Super Record Headset spacer £20 PHOTOS I feel strange writing that price, but this is possibly the closest to jewellery a bike component can get (and they do go for this price on eBay). Tabbed spacer for a 1" headset with Campagnolo engraving. Looks NOS to me, the milling on both faces appears untouched and the tab has completely sharp edges that suggest that it's never been fitted.

    -Campagnolo (Nuovo) Record Hub oil / grease port cover / clip £5 PHOTO Useful to have, annoying to lose, sometimes tricky to find.

    -1" French? Headset spacer £3 PHOTO Has a flat on it instead of a tab, apparently to match a flat on the steerer.

    More to come! Watch this space.

  • Reserved for trailing parts to come, including...

    Possibly a set of Campag Nuovo Record QRs (really tempted to keep these, but might let them go for the right price).

    Happy to receive any advance expressions of interest in the thread or by PM.

  • New items up with photos. Still more to come!

  • Awaits avalanche of PM's for the peanut butter wrench lol

  • Hopeless thirds for Iscaselle. Will pm.

  • Amazing stuff

  • Interested in 5 and 6 speed.

  • Very nice stuff, glws

  • I'm almost tempted to start on auction on that one!

  • Loads of great stuff. GLWS.

  • Trailing a few more bits. Some vintage stuff added from my own collection, still all 50% to charity.

  • Just had a closer look at these, but still need to clean them before taking photos. I have 2 close-ratio Maillard freewheels (I'm in awe of anyone pushing these with a 54T chainring!) One is marked "Sprint" and is currently running 6 alloy cogs, the other is marked "700" and running 5 steel cogs. I have spare cogs in both steel and alloy that would come with them. The Maillard freewheel removal tool I've just listed is a perfect fit for these and I'd recommend taking it as a bundle. Prices TBC, but PM me if you're interested.

  • More bits listed and photos added!

  • Thanks yep interested in the campag crank puller too if still available.
    Will pm

  • I'll take 1x Allez Shade Bar Tape white/blue spotty fade please.

  • Dibs the Krono levers please

  • I've just spent a very informative evening in the kitchen with a pair of chainwhips. As a result the freewheels are now listed. Also added 2 seatposts, I tried the Campag aero one on my bike, but it really needs to be on something much more racy (and possibly Italian).

  • keen on the 3ttt Stem. thanks

  • Mavic 500 hub added. Photos and prices now in place for the Suntour Superbe pedal cages. Photos now added for the Suntour cyclone front mech. More photos added of the Campag aero seatpost. Plus a couple of price drops on that and the campag brake pads/holders @VintageJon

  • Campag headset spacer and Nuovo Record hub oil port cover/clip listed.

    Only Weinmann 500 brakes to go...

  • PM'd for the Campag Croce D'Aune seatpost

  • A fiver off a number of these components now, also added a free suntour 5-speed freewheel that needs a service if anyone fancies it.

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Vintage racing parts and tools charity sale - Campagnolo, Maillard, Mavic, FT Bologna, Weinmann, Suntour - PRICE DROPS 22/09

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