Distressed horses by the River Lea navigation, Enfield

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  • Was not sure which thread to post this on.

    Has anyone cycled past the horses on the River Lea, on the west side on King George's Reservoir, i think it's technically Enfield and just north of where Lea Valley Road cuts through (coordinates: 51°38'56.5"N 0°01'21.5"W)

    I cycle past there a lot, and saw the horses around a month ago and they looked pretty healthy, with quite a few foals, but went past yesterday and was completely shocked at how their condition has deteriorated - look malnourished, manes and tails completely matted, bloodshot eyes and in distress. It looks like nobody is taking care of them at all but they are not wild, on private land and no more grass to graze on. It was really upsetting to see.

    I've contacted the RSPCA and British Horse Society. If anyone has seen them and has similar concerns, please can you do the same to try and get something done about this?

    Thank you!

  • I've passed these over the past few years. Always been neglected. Frequently fed on a diet of what looks like dumped bread.

    I have reported to the RSPCA in the past who said would be investigated but perhaps rather selfishly I've not followed up as well as I should.

  • I commute past them everyday and have reported them to the RSPCA multiple times. I spoke to the landlord of the pub opposite and he says they are owned by travellers. He lives above the pub and has had to frequently take buckets of water over to them as none was provided.

    I’ve been tempted to cut the wires and let them escape but know it could be dangerous to the horses and to drivers if they were to make their way onto one of the nearby main roads.

  • RSPCA will probably do fuck all. Redwings is the local horse sanctury - give them a call with all the details - I am sure they will be more than useful - https://www.redwings.org.uk/

  • Thanks @Thrasher, I'll give them a try.

    Sad to hear that it's been reported previously and nothing has been done. I think they are the worst i've ever seen them now though.

  • I don’t know why the go to is calling the RSPCA. Animal sanctuaries. Always.

  • Might be the PCA bit

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Distressed horses by the River Lea navigation, Enfield

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