DA9000 RH rear shifter snappy heavy shifting

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  • Just picked up some used DA9000 shifters and the rear has a heavy snappy action rather than a light click. The left front is light and smooth. I've stripped the cables and soaked it in GT80 but no change in feel. I've not had DA before but assume this can't be right.

    Before I go back to the seller is the anything obvious I can check or do I need to strip the shifter and check all the parts?

  • Is it just because that’s trying to shift past 1st gear?

  • Not quite sure what you mean but yeah I’m not engaging the lever very well. This is with a cable on

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  • Friction is usually the answer, unless the shifter is fucked

  • I mean you’re only shifting one way and there’s only so many gears. Is it clicking because the lever is in the first position and you’re shifting it past the first gear.
    If you click down a few gears does it still click shifting back up?

  • When I've cleaned old levers I had to soak it and then flush it through whilst clicking it up and down the changes.

  • You’re right it does seem to be heavier than normal, especially if the first video is without any cable tension. Other than inspect for grit or damage inside the shifter head, there’s not much to do short of partially disassembling it, which I wouldn’t do again (spoiler: re-assembling is the hard part)

  • Yeah no intention of stripping it further.

    I've given it a pretty thorough clean and light grease and whilst it feels a little better it's far from light and still noticeably "clickier" than the 105 it's replacing (but not in a good way). I'm going to get some more aggressive degreaser (Muc-off chain cleaner) and a smaller brush to try and grease more evenly onto the gears and see where I can get to.

    Oh and it's true about 9000 hoods, they can tear easily...

  • Right, there is a double click in each shift. The thingmagiggy that hits a ramp on a gear to enable a shift onto a lower gear with the small lever is also hitting when I try and shift into a higher gear with the brake lever.

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  • This bit here

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  • Looking at my 105 shifter it clears the ramp on an up shift and only makes a single click

  • You can see how it clears the push point so doesn’t stagger the shift

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  • Looks and sounds like you’ve narrowed the problem down. I can’t immediately recall having come across this with Shimano shifters, rather the opposite that the ratcheting mechanism no longer engages or skips clicks. Would be interested in what else you find.

  • The tension spring is pushing that lobe down further than it can go on the 105 unit which is why it's fouling. I need to get another unit to compare it.

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DA9000 RH rear shifter snappy heavy shifting

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