Waltly titanium RGR

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  • : ) I'm just very jealous - it's been 3° or lower here (scotland) since 23 december. at this rate, I feel like I'll never get back outside on my bike

    waltly's looking 👌🏼btw

  • Some updates:
    Hand made in Germany tire: good
    China rotor crank: good
    Stupid high riser: not good

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  • I had those tyres. Liked them very much but they didn't last long before I got some rather large cuts in them

  • I’m into the gawky risers tbqf

  • Your bike was my inspiration to try this riser. But the cables are a touch to short for it and I think it look clownish on my bike. It's true that zero seat to bar drop is comfortable and it ride like a BMX

  • They are what i was looking for, big fastish slick tire, the seem quite soft though

  • New Project mum bike is a go

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  • That's the Aliexpress frame right? It looks pretty nice!

  • Stylish family! Lovely stuff.

  • Yes it is, it seem well done. It build up almost without any problem, only one of the 2 rear disc brake bosses need to be chased the bolt doesn't want to go in and I don't want to break it . On Monday it goes to the mechanic for a break and gear set up and it should be good to go

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  • Very cool & smooth!

    How much of it was off AliExpress? Especially interested in the pink-studded pedals...

  • It's an AliExpress special, frame & fork, headset, seatpost, stem, brakes and gear all came from alixpress, even for shimano parts the price are really good and i find the platform very easy to use. the pedals are indeed from aliexpress but the are like 5 years old so i don't know if they are stil available

  • Mum bike is done. Now I have to understand how to set the baby seat in a way that is possible to pedal without hit it

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  • After thinking about it all night I fixed it. The baby seat leg shield was too wide and moving it up or down doesn't give enough room to pedal, so I took 2 seat post yoke and bolts some cable tie and now the shield stay close to the seat stays , remove the baby seat is still easy just 2 bolt to undo

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  • More

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  • Now that my partner have a new bike i can have back my tokyo fixed the dart frame that she used as a commuter for years. this is the only track frame that i have after selling everything to built my waltly. the bike look good i just need to change the tire with some gp4000 from the spare part box and to deinstall the freewheel and put the fixed cog on, then i can fixie skid twice (maybe) this summer!

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  • To balance china excessive power i bought a maga cockpit

    Thomson X4 with some beautiful pink/lilac titanium bolt and Enve riser

    i'm really happy on how the bike look now, the crank/chainring and stem/seat post have the same finish and everything look more cohesive

  • Tokyo Dart with On One-niums, a fine choice. Got it finished yet?

  • I've been yelled at by my partner because we don't have space for another bike (she is right) and my plan lost traction. I will instal fixed cog and chain and keep it in pieces ready to build it when I want to ride it, luckily fixed gear bike take 5 min to build up

  • Just curious about the manufacturer.... those welds look good.

  • The welds are very clean, it's a leisure ride so i never push it to the limit but i cannot fault it in any way, the only things that i m not totally fond of are all related to choice that i made not on the manufacturer that do exactly what is asked for so you have to be really specific with your requirement.

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Waltly titanium RGR

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