Waltly titanium RGR

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  • The frame is ready the finish seem really nice and i can't wait to have it with me!!

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  • Looking good!

    Would you mind sharing how much you paid for the frame all-in, and how much the wheelset weighs?


  • For frame handlebar and shipping I paid 1170$ that is less than 1000€ I think the frame was 800$ . I still don't have the wheels with me but the seller sent me a picture and it say 1615 grams not super light but I hope them to be strong

  • Thanks; does that include a Ti fork?

  • No just frame, i have a carbon fork for this . I asked the price for a ti fork and if I'm not wrong it was around 250-260$

  • The wheels arrived today, they seem straight and true . The hub look heavy duty and noting special but they are not flimsy . what surprised me the most are the rim, they look beautiful and well made , all holes are clean and there is no random fiber around

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  • Those look stunning - i couldn't see an option for 3k weave on the aliexpress page

  • After ordering seller contact you to let you choose the various options

  • Wheels look amazing, do you know the internal width?

    And did you prepay the duty or on arrival?

  • I think it 23 mm internal 27mm external. I live in Spain and surprisingly I didn't pay any duty on them. The seller declared a value of 150$ without me asking for it any way

  • Thanks for the information, much appreciated

  • After been raped by Spanish custom the frame is finally here :):):)

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  • more pic. I had to put some part on it I can't wait

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  • Those welds look on par, maybe better, than my Lynskey. Looks great!

  • This is gonna be nice!!

  • The welds look good not Bingham Built good https://forums.thepaceline.net/showthrea­d.php?t=257286 but i like them. the handlebar look the awesome as well

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  • the handlebar look the awesome as well

    Nice that. Come from Waltly or AliEx too?

  • It came from waltly, they made it with the same finish as the frame! It's not as light as carbon fiber one but lighter then alu

  • Looking good!

    Are you expecting sub-9Kg final weight?

  • I hope so, i didn't made a spreadsheet but all the parts are quite light (beside the cassete that can be 100gr lighter and the brakes that are basic shimano) all the bolts are titanium , crank is a ultegra with single ring and 105 derailleur.

  • Haha! Coal Chamber :O

  • Ahahahah i moved a lot of old cd from storage and I have to decide to throw away quite a few of the shameful ones ;)

  • This is how it stands now I have to decide if I want to learn how long the chain should be and how to set gears or pass it to a professional to finish the job. I will need a mechanics anyway to cut the brake lines and route it inside the fork.

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  • :-) looks like a great bike!

  • Have you considered a clutched rear mech to prevent chain drop?

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Waltly titanium RGR

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