Waltly titanium RGR

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  • After this shitty year , and moving on top of hill i thought that i need a new bike if i ever go back to the office. I always wanted to try a titanium so i start looking around and decided to try a custom chines one :)
    I really loved how my cinelli vigorelli steel ride so i based the geo on that one but i decided to lower the bb (not too much) and to have clearance for 38mmx700 or 48x650b and disc brake

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  • i already have some part : front whell dt swiss p1800 spline.
    shimano 6800 crank with nw single ring
    shimano 105 rear deralleur with 11-34 cassette
    some shimano cheap brake
    Thomson seat post and stem
    I ordered a titanium handlebar with the frame.
    I think i need only the rear wheel and a headset.
    The estimated time is 45 day, i cant wait to have it !!!

  • Following, this'll be good...

  • How much was the titanium handlebar, and which type did you get?

  • I'm interested in this too

  • What forks are you going for for 38 clearance?

  • Post mount brakes?

  • The handlebar is 70$, more or less the same as what I saw on eBay and AliExpress for Chinese ti handlebar. Mine is a flat with 9° setback

  • It's a Chinese gravel fork. I bought it some months ago and I don't remember the name but it's one of this big seller.

  • I debated a lot about this Vs flat mount and in the end I decided that if I m using MTB brake having post mount is better. And if down the line a want to use some sti I'm sure I can find a solution

  • Post mount would only make sense if you’re going for a flatbar setup indeed. If you’re using a drop bar I’d look into flat mount as you’ve got a lot more options available that are suitable with sti / ergopowers use.

  • You can put a post mount brake on a flat mount frame or fork but not the other way around without difficulty and expense.

    But post mount brakes for drop bars do exist still

  • Completely agree with you but in all honesty this is a city bike/hybrid because that is what i'm riding and the chances of me using a drop bar on it are really slim.

  • I have to choose the cable routing and i need some help. I decided for external one because internal seem a useless fuff but i don't know if it's better to have a regular road routing for shift or a full housing from shifter to deralleur?

  • Increased friction and some compression down a longer length of cable lead to sloppier shifting. But in practise it isn't an issue on MTBs or CX bikes which run full outers to keep off mud and wet.
    If it's an all weather bike, full outers will mean you need to change your cables less often in exchange for a maybe imperceptible reduction in shifting precision

  • externally routed full housing all the way

  • Exposed cables are superior. It is not a sacrifice.

  • Thanks all for your reply. I'm liveing in Barcelona and it's almost never rain over here so maybe i don't need full housing.. i'll see what the people at waltly suggest but i think i'll go with exposed cable.

  • It'll be fine with exposed cables, just make sure to use compressionless outers and keep any curves as smooth as possible to help the lever pull.

  • This is the final design , i accepted it so they'll start production. I can't wait! In the end i went with full housing as it seem more easy for me to work on it. As well they designed the chain stay longer than i specified in the beginning and with tonnes of clerance (i'll use 32mm tyre). i decided that the longer cheinstay will make the bike bit less twitchy and probably is a good idea, i have a 7 month old child and i hope to use this bike as a dad bike as soon as possible.

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  • 2 month passed and the frame is still not ready (it was supposed to be 30-45 days). Waltly moved the workshop and that created some delays but the frame should be ready in a couple of weeks maximum. In the meantime i bought some china carbon wheels to complement the china titanium frame, they have been shipped to me today

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  • Nice, where are the rims/wheels from?

  • Fuck me; are you a bot?

  • I get instant notifications about 3k twill rims

  • They are this wheels https://es.aliexpress.com/item/400049875­0847.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.79e963c0­7mc2kG they are incredibly cheap so i hope they 'll not disintegrate under me. the experience till now have been good. they asked me to choose exactly what i want and then it took 10 day to product the wheelset. the 3k twill look good

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Waltly titanium RGR

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