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  • PDF on the expansion discussions :-­e33c56e8490/files/a18047f1-cd11-4faf-9d4­f-0bcc495d767c/TCPR_West_Residents_brief­ing_170221.pdf

    It is a massive area and the plans would cut off free access to the Hurlingham Club, where membership harder to get than a steel Rolex.

  • Thanks for the update on lbhf. Hope it goes well.

    Yet another appalling presentation - falsely saying main roads are like rivers. Car traffic is not a force of nature, it is a product of human choices - it would be useful for assistant directors in LBHF to recognise this fundamental point.

  • Thats an incredible map thanks for sharing.

    I think it's this report by rachel aldred that debunks the perceived issues about demographics and LTNs:­2020/nov/16/claim-low-traffic-schemes-on­ly-benefit-better-off-debunked-in-new-st­udy

  • It's been handled very badly from the start. There is a theory that the whole thing only gained traction because developers at the gas works wanted Harwood Terrace closed. It's not impossible considering timing and the roll out. If it ends up covering the area proposed it will be huge.

  • Posted this on the TFL cycle plans thread, but this is the better place:

    Southwark Council have opened a consultation on the Dulwich streetspace scheme, so if you've been through there then please share your opinions­nd-roads/improving-our-streets/live-proj­ects/dulwich-review

  • Yup, that presentation has some very questionable bits (thanks for sharing it @Airhead). The point about a main road being like a river that bursts its banks when there's too much traffic neglects to mention that the water in the adjacent, flooded fields can't actually go anywhere until the height of the main river itself drops so that the floodwater in the fields it can rejoin. Allowing traffic into the adjacent streets is therefore doomed as a policy, since it will just back up there as a result of the next pinch point.

    That said, I realise that what they're trying to do with TCPR is to keep through traffic on the main roads. Having cycled, driven and walked that area I think it will definitely benefit from eliminating that corner-cutting and be much more pleasant as a result. However, TCPR seems like a half-arsed solution, since it doesn't do anything to deter a major source of traffic i.e., ridiculous short journeys being made by car. What's said about LTN's is really questionable (my notes in bold):

    • LTN’s have various forms but they focus on modal shift of transport usage by making it more difficult for all vehicles (apart from the vehicles that we actually want people to use i.e., cycles). These include road closures, cycle lanes, school streets and pedestrianisation.
    • Blunt instrument for tackling rat running alone, more affective at reducing total traffic including local. (This is implies that local traffic is not a problem, but it is. Our transport policy has to be joined-up to make these changes have the desired effect and giving local residents the option of effectively vetoing the changes having any effect on them undermines that.)
    • Very High impact on emergency vehicles, public transport and local activity (This is just questionable all round, LTNs don't block public transport unless you build them across a bus route, and the evidence for the impact on emergency vehicles is shaky and very possibly offset by health benefits of greater activity and the greater safety of having more people travelling actively on the street)
    • Re‐distributes vehicle capacity to other transport modes (well yes, that's sort of the point)

  • I was on a call last night discussing the Bruce Grove LTN. Haringey seem to be pretty much on board at the moment (which is surprising) and they've come up with a few decent proposals. Next stage will be to finalise a proposal and open it up to the public which I suspect is where pushback may occur (feedback has been generally positive so far).

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  • This is the sort of shit that is getting circulated round our way on a regular basis:

    Stop The Road Closures March & Petition to Open Up Our Streets

    With the increase in crime, anti social behaviour, drug dealing &
    taking in our area; the restricted access for emergency services
    (police have informed residents they have cut down patrols due to road
    closures & ambulances have reported several delays to critical patient
    attendance.) The long detours disabled & vulnerable residents &
    children are having to make to access GPs, hospital & the SEND bus.
    The affect on small businesses in the area not only along Columbia Rd
    but Old Bethnal Green Rd too, the erratic rubbish collection as the
    refuse vehicles cannot safely access roads such as Quilter Street as
    well as the manufactured congestion these road blocks are causing on
    Hackney Rd & Bethnal Green Rd which now at most times of the day are
    static 'car parks' of idling traffic.

    Its time to say ENOUGH!

    Liveable Streets scheme is a HUGE failure. Our streets must be
    re-opened and the scheme suspended, as the Fire Brigade said in an
    email, "in the event someone dies." The police have said "our access
    into and through the area is severely restricted and would affect the
    response to any incident be it Police, Fire, or Ambulance.” Very
    worrying as every Sunday the Columbia Road Flower Market is high on
    the potential terror target list!

    Please sign and share this petition (if you live, work or study in the

    And join the crowds from Hackney, Islington & Tower Hamlets this
    Saturday 26th June marching to demand councils 'Stop The Road
    Closures' If you can't or are unable to join the demo at the beginning
    then local Bethnal Green residents can meet in Ion Square at 1.30pm to
    join the march as it makes it way down Hackney Rd.

    Let's tell Tower Hamlets Council Liveable Streets is' Not Working, Not
    Green, Not Wanted!'

  • Well, that's democracy for you, people are entitled to have their say. Past experience in London probably makes it safe to assume that people who hold these views are in the minority, but they have every right to have their say. Once it's in the political bloodstream, which it partly is by suddenly being imposed without consultation, you have to let it go through the political process. My own preference would be properly-run engagement exercises that front-load involvement by local people.

    Much of this is trying to find arguments, and I wouldn't assume for one second that some people aren't genuinely worried about access for the emergency services or people with mobility difficulties. As I've said elsewhere, on the face of it the practice of filtering is absurd and only brought on by the abuse of urban streets for purposes for which they are not designed, and some people see first that absurdity without understanding the background.

    I certainly didn't know that Columbia Road Flower Market was high on the potential terror target list, though. Let's keep a close watch on whether it ever moves on to the actual terror target list.

  • I certainly didn't know that Columbia Road Flower Market was high on the potential terror target list, though. Let's keep a close watch on whether it ever moves on to the actual terror target list.


  • Lewisham is consulting on Lewisham and Lee Green LTN:

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Modal filtering

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