SAAB OG 9-5 HOT Wagon - The Family Haul-ass

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  • The list is insanely long.

    Short term:
    Install brakes and fit new brakelines
    Rustproofing the undercarage + subframe + doors + bootlid.
    ECU stage 2
    New wheels/tyres
    4 wheel alignment
    New bushings front and rear
    Uprated end links
    Change out fluids
    Fit coilovers
    Prep and paint Aero kit

    Long term:
    Building a race engine on the side based on the B234 internals from a 9000 Aero to be able to take on 550+newtons and roughly 500bhp.
    Adding in a sunroof.
    Paint the entire car

    Pretty much that. :D

    But yes, they are cheap as chips.

  • Excellent stuff. Wish I had the time for something like this.

  • It doesn't really take more time than wrenching on a bike, it's just bigger and dirtier things...

  • Mad list fam! You're going a bit of the way of Dammnit with his engine build. What's the reasoning behind it?

    Yeah, if you have the right tooling and space, any spannering is relative.

  • One of the reasons is that I like the fact that Saabs can fly under the radar, being a good base for true sleeper cars. Another reason is that the B23x base is inexpensive where the block and T7 head can hold 500bhp quite easily. That engine will live on an engine stand until it's complete essentially.

  • Great progress, nice list. This thread and replacing the front tyres on my 900 has sparked my enthusiasm to do something with it.

  • Yes! Fresh rubber on a Saab equals funtimes.

  • With the increasing need for hauling shit around, I’ve been eyeing these up

    Plenty of decent looking relatively low milers on SAAB Farm

  • 2005 is the last gen of the OG 9-5. Best by far imo. The '06-> is an aquired taste and is full on GM/Opel plastics in the cockpit. The 06-10 Aero is quick though. 270hp out the gate.
    04/05 has the second facelift (sharktooth) front which is just the best looking front..

    So try to find a low milage 2004/05 Aero Sport Combi and throw in a Stage 1 Noobtune (if in UK) and you're golden.

  • So the twin turbos are to be avoided?

  • If they break, they tend to be spensive to mend. <-2010 models had some issues with the swirl flaps, was mended on the 2011 models. But the powerband is nice and smooth on it just as you'd expect from a tractor ;)

  • So, just put a bid on another Saab, an Aero build that is dyno'ed to 498.5 bhp at the crank....when it ran. Collecting it soonish. Lot's of goodies under the hood. Nocturnal Blue with a Sunroof.

    It's been sidelined since 2018 because the engine won't hold its temp.

    My initial thoughts on that issue is that the block is cracked and is pushing air into the system making the cooling water not run properly. Hoses are rock hard when idling. Could also be a headgasket.

    So...either a complete strip of it and have it as a parts car or look at the issue, fix it and use and abuse it.

  • What kind of mileage is considered "low"? Few sub £3k Hot Aero 04-05 cars listed on autotrader but all around 150K miles. If you bought something like that, are they going to last or is a case of doing a decent amount of preventative measures to get them over the hump?

  • All depends if the current owner have done the services and what else have been done on it in the last 2500miles.

    It's nearing a potential hefty sum if they haven't been looked after right.

    This isn't half bad actually -­/202101298470592?radius=1500&postcode=wn­23tn&sort=relevance&make=SAAB&advertisin­g-location=at_cars&onesearchad=New&onese­archad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=Used&inc­lude-delivery-option=on&model=9-5&page=2­

    This one as well -­/202101158012865?include-delivery-option­=on&radius=1500&postcode=wn23tn&sort=rel­evance&make=SAAB&advertising-location=at­_cars&model=9-5&onesearchad=New&onesearc­had=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=Used&page=2­

    This would need some TLC but the price is fair for an autodealer -­/202101208168357?include-delivery-option­=on&radius=1500&postcode=wn23tn&sort=rel­evance&make=SAAB&advertising-location=at­_cars&model=9-5&onesearchad=New&onesearc­had=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=Used&page=2­

    Have a look around your area for a Saab indy, if it were to break on you, you have someone with knowledge to mend it for you.

    Also, 9-5 owners only group on FB is a great place to ask questions. Lots of UK based members.

  • as you seem to be resident Master SAAB, you want to link a couple more of these mate? Think you've swayed a few people this way.

    How much work has gone into this new one you bought?

  • as you seem to be resident Master SAAB, you want to link a couple more of these mate? Think you've swayed a few people this way.

    Hehehe, sure thing!

    2003 HOT 9-5 Estate

    1 owner of these HOT Aeros is a fairly rare thing.
    Hit him up to check if he's changed the camchain and chain tensioner. Check to see that the oil has been changed on the set intervals (1250miles) and that it's the right 5W30 synthetic and not any mineral oils. This goes for all HOT Saabs.
    Check if he's done the PCV upgrade and if so when?
    From '04 Saab upgraded the PCV Crankcase ventilation and mitigated sludge building in the sump pan.

    So this '03 is a bit of a gamble. I'd say haggle.

    I'll return with more tomorrow.

    How much work has gone into this new one you bought?

    Insane amounts. But only on the engine and trans side. Rest is stock or thereabouts.

  • This Black one looked one of the tidiest from the ones I saw and the one owner, FSH detail looked good too. I like the look of the earlier cars better too. Not keen on the shape of the lights on the 07 Gen car you linked first.

  • So the Saab I was going to collect indeed has a crack between cylinder 2 and 3 which pressurizes the entire system.

    Easy breezy lemon squeezy. Just need to find a 235 block that's OK.

  • Standard Saab life....

    Loved my 9-3 Aero 210, only reason for parting was it didn't feel like it was put together well even considering it was only 95k.

    I've heard the 9-5s are much better put together car.

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SAAB OG 9-5 HOT Wagon - The Family Haul-ass

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