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  • Looking good. More shed building content too?

  • Not yet, I’m currently on an opposite trajectory of yours where it’s getting increasingly cluttered. It’s too cold to spend time out there so that will wait until spring

  • Heatpump and some insulation will sort that

  • Bought one of these frames late last year. Funny they are all slightly different in their airbrushing. Looks great how you’ve built this up.

    Edit. The Lemond

  • Yes, both in paint but also in quality. The lugs on the large frame that I got the forks from, are much simpler, same with the tube profiles, suggesting that it may look similar but the tubing is in the other end of the spectrum.

  • The beat up one with the campagnolo bb is the donor frame

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  • It's just plain sizeism!

  • Strange. Just had a look at mine and it’s also different to both yours.
    Mine is 58cm

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  • Does your BB have the lemond signature on either? Mine does but it’s be really badly touched up you can see it on left of the bb photo

  • I think yours matches mine paint wise, and the bb lug looks the same with that bit of webbing or what you would call it. Mine doesn’t have anything on the bb but it is engraved on the brake bridge. There are more pictures on page 1

    Do you have the original fork?

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  • Yep I have the same rear brake panto, the bb panto is very badly painted and filled it’s hard to see. I have the forks too

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  • Just realised different panto on my forks to yours too.

  • Thank for sharing the pictures.

    Your panto matches the logo on my ST, so that is surely the original one. Mine is close enough and also from excell so I suspect they might be the same, but only a weight will tell and I will never be able to find another one long enough for ahead, so I’d rather not know 🙉

    It looks like yours is also chromed on the chainstays. Please feel free to share a full frame side shot whenever you have time, I’m curious to see it.
    What are your build plans?

  • To keep the economy going I’ve ordered a set of bars and a frame pump.

    The logos came off in a second using nail polish remover, then tried to put it on the frame only to learn it was too small by a few cm.
    Bars were also a panic buy because “only one left in stock” so I ordered 42 instead of my preferred width of 44. I guess I’ll feel smug when I can really feel those aero gains

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  • Logo removal

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  • I’ll put up some photos tomorrow. Strange just how many differences there are in just the three we have.

    I bought it as was a reasonable price, and always wanted one, tbh not this model but a z one. Slowly selling off what it came with with a hope it would cost not much then decide. Lots of other projects in line though. How does it ride?

  • I honestly don’t know. Only had a short test ride before the weather turned and I put it in the shed for the winter. But it felt like a bike and it made me happy 😃 Spring will tell.

  • These came for the Jamis. I don’t really need the front, but the silver in 32h were almost impossible to find so bought a pair.

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  • 30 seconds and some nail polish remover later

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  • That was quick

  • nice velo orange hubs

  • Now that you put it like that I realize that they are a bit Grand Cru 🙈

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Simba's bike den

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