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  • It's about time for me to start a running thread to update projects and source inputs from the hive mind.

    First project up is a Greg Lemond built by the Billato brothers. My mate @Hulsroy helped me, by picking it up from the seller and took some nice shots of the frame.

    In the parts bin I have:

    • 6800 groupset
    • 1" Chris King headset
    • Carbon rims

    Found some info on the frame here­/­ge/1132089-finally-found-gan-lemond-pic-­heavy.html

    There were only 100 of them released in the North American market back with the pre-Trek Lemond Bicycle Company contracted with the famous Bilato bicycle builder to have them made back in the early '90s. Many reviews call this bike the "absolute best steel frame ride, ever." Tubes are made of GLX by Excell out of France (GLX was Excell's response to Columbus's TSX tubes, which was their improvement on their earlier and heavier SLX steel tubes.) Frame was expertly built by the Bilato bros. out of Italy who were the premiere frame builders of the day. The fork has unique sharp pantographing on the curved crown. Other pantographs include Lemond's signature and "Hand Made" on the rear brake holder.
    This is an excellent example of the pinnacle of 90's steel frame building.

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  • Next up is my Dirty Disco CX
    This is the bike I have been riding the most over the last few years, it's been my gravel bike and my road bike in one, and it handled beautifully going up Mt. Ventoux on the gravel roads.
    It is currently my road bike setup with 11s Shimano hydro, Thomson kit, Cowbells, and some carbon rims to novatec. I hope the Lemond will change that so that this can get some wider rubber for the forest roads

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  • Also in the den is my Thorn Twin Dynamic Tandem
    I got this for a bargain in 2019 and it has become a family favorite. I use it to spend quality time with one kid at a time when we go on weekend trips (miniadventures!) off to find lake me, or we maybe...

    This summer we also did a bike touring holiday the entire family together, the biggest one on her own bike, the middle one on the tandem, and the smallest one in a trailer. It was wonderful.

    It's setup with Rohloff, V brakes and have couplers. I love the couplers.

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  • GT Psyclone
    Found this one in a skip with a stuck seatpost that someone had unsuccessfully tried to remove with fire. It doesn't get much use other than back and forth between daycare and home, but I love the frame. Fillet brazed True Temper gold tubes and a P2 fork. I have never tried a XC trail one it, but I know that I should try it offroad.

    It's a mix of shimano and sram, I recently fitted a 11-40 cassette for that IG vibe. It has budget wheels I build myself (because decent rim brake wheels in 26" are impossible to find around here) and Thunderbutts.

    Sorry about the dirt

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  • A big thumbs up for the Dirty Disco. I bought one after reading the interview with Mike Hall after his round the world ride. Likewise it's been the bike I've ridden the most since I've had it; mostly road, plus a bit of light touring. Great bikes.

    Love the colours of that Lemond too.

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  • Classic Billato paint scheme! I have a 98 Look KG233 (also made by Billato) and they're nicely made frames with a nice geo.
    Excell tubing is very rare though -they only existed for 11 years - that's a nice detail for sure.

  • Dibs purple salsa lip lock

  • Yes, they’re pretty straight forward frames, and it just goes where I point. Where is that picture taken? It reminds me of France

  • I’ve seen it in a few variations. Mine differs a bit from those in the link by having some orange in the mix.

    At first I wanted a full respray, but now it’s growing on me...

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  • Picture is at Col de Bavella in Corsica.

    Please don't respray the Lemond.

  • The GT looks very trick!

  • A bit of automotive wax will make the colours pop, let me know if you need some.

  • It sounds like something I should own myself, but I’d appreciate a recommendation of what and where to buy!

  • This turned up for sale, so I bought it. For the fork.
    Sellers pictures

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  • I use a sample pot (30ml?) of carnauba wax, it came with a sponge for application too.

    That sort of thing.

  • Nice Lemond, I have a 1993 version i Columbus SL also built by the Billatos. I love it! One thing that I like about it is the possibility to fit 28mm tires (maybe a Roubaix feature?). Don't repaint!

  • Don't repaint!

    Forum T shirt?

    1. SasenFrAsen
  • GT psyclone. Very trick. One of the US made ones right? Quite a gem

  • Installed the headset. I was worried that the purple would clash, but I think it’s ok.

    Because of the steerer length I’m able to run ahead without any bodges which is a huge win. Color looks like a perfect match as well.

    I’m well chuffed.

  • Pictures

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  • Strangely enough the purp CK works.

    Silver parts all over please!

  • I agree with Hulsroy the purple ano looks lovely!
    Looking forward to seeing this develop.

  • That’s the plan!

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  • Great bikes, great chap

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Simba's bike den

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