Returning to work (no more WFH)

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  • hah! our office is a bit like this. it's an old mill building so large rooms with high ceilings and fuck all insulation / single pane glazing.
    when it's cold out, the radiators have to be on full whack to heat the majority of the room, so if you sit near one you get properly boiling hot.

    we had a snotty email recently because someone had turned the thermostat up to 25 on constant but hadn't turned it off again before going home for the weekend.

    no surprise that after reviewing the security cameras, some of the directors had been in for a meeting.

  • Oh the thermostat wars in our office were horrendous. Way too hot like 27 degrees some days. No ventilation at all.

    It was awful

  • After 4 weeks in the office, 3 COVID positive cases in the last 2 weeks, I have been sent home again.
    Until Wednesday.

    Also, I have a job interview on Wednesday morning and needed to WFH to facilitate this.

  • I really need to leave my job. My manager has become very aggressive since wfh and I know going back to the office is going to be super hard. Plus getting covid

  • Thin line between assertive and aggressive at work. Document incidents then get HR involved. No need to tolerate that.

  • She’s not a very good manager. I’m guessing she did the job I did for a while then needed to change. There’s two options field sales or manager. She can’t empathise or look at things from different people perspectives. Just what the company says. Then she argues when that’s challenged.

  • I'm thinking the same, I've been told I face disciplinary action if I don't go back to the office, got pretty solid reason not to go in but they don't seem to give a shit. need out asap

  • I cycled in to the office yesterday for the first time since the building reopened and the fucking building management company have cut my locks off the bike racks. The building was closed, no one could go in, why the hell would you cut the locks off. Even so, noone told me it would happen. I'm pissed about it and I'm not going back until they reimburse the £200 for new ones.

  • That’s shit. Bike locks are expensive.

    My main opposition with going back to the office is we’ve proven it works. Productivity went up, sickness went down. You could argue the reverse would apply. What business would want that?

  • I'm going back in tomorrow for the first time. Not really looking forward to it. Seems they're still pretty flexible on how many days in office, let's see how long that lasts

  • I went back last week. 3 people already down with covid. My work aren’t interested in people getting covid. It was over on 1st April apparently. May the odds be forever in your favour.

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Returning to work (no more WFH)

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